Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

Jessica ^




The door flings open and before Jennifer could turn the light in the room off ,I shot both Jennifer and Kim by their laps.


I went ahead and switch on the light and watch them groan on the floor with gun in their hands still.


I knew they can use the little energy they have in them to shoot me. I shoot them by the wrist they were holding a gun with and their groaning increase.


“Did you come to kill me?” I asked and neither of them replied ,instead they were just groaning.


I began to hear rush of legs approaching where I am. The sound of the bullet must have alerted them.


I stood at the entrance and as they began to come into view I shot them each by their stomach.


I went back to see Kim and Jennifer rolling and groaning on the floor still.


I went to Jennifer and made her look into my face.


“What did you want from me ?” I asked and she stopped groaning for a second. She spit into my face and I stood.


I kicked her by her waist angrily and released two bullets into her stomach.




They would have killed me anyways.


“You killed ….her?” I heard Kim struggle to say while holding the part of his body that was shot.


“Yes,I do.” I replied and he tried to stand. “We didn’t come to kill you.”


“Oh really? So why are you with guns?”


“Just… to scare ….you.” he groaned louder in pain.


“Well ,I’m prepared too. ” I said and stretched the gun into his head.


He giggled. “If you kill a master ,the grandmaster would come for you…and I do not think you can stand that ”



“I can stand anyone that tries stand between Donald and I ”


“Common!” He groaned slightly and adjusted on the floor.


“We both know you never loved Donald. So?”


“But he loved me and …maybe I may love him too soon cause I like to be around him.” I said and Kim quickly took his gun on the floor that fell.


I released two shots into his heart before he even raised his hand to shoot.


Bloods were streaming down from their bodies.


Donald came into view about few minutes later and saw all of them laying in the pool of blood.


“What happened here?”


“They came for me and I defended myself. “I said and he sighed.


He ran to Kim and held him by his blood filled face.


“He’s dead.” Donald said.




“The grand master himself would come for us.” He said.


“Really? But why?”


“Kim is his son. ”




“Yeah,but what you did is fair. I had confirmed who killed your parents?”






“The grandmaster himself. I’ve sent the proves to your system. So get prepared for a war with him.” Donald said.



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