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Very early in the morning, I heard a loud ring of a bell and I struggled to open my eye wondering what the bell was for.


While I was almost sleeping back cause my face was so puffy ,I heard a loud bang on my door and I was forced to sit upright and rub my face.


I walked to the door and twisted the knob.


“Oh , newbie …Get out to field right now” Jan said and I looked into his eye ball.


“Which field? ”


“Obey me fool! All workers are assembling at the field already ,leave now before you receive the beating of your life?” He threatened and I smirked.


I walked back inside and hurriedly washed my face with water. I walked outside to the field and I saw many folks standing as if it was an assembly ground.


Well ,I should see what this is for. I went to the join the line.


Jan came into light after few minutes with a cane in his hands.


“As you all know that all workers here must be skilled. Before the boss comes out to address us this morning , let’s do some exercise ” Jan said and they all dissembled and formed a circle.




“What does a maid need exercise for anyways ?” I asked loud enough for everyone to hear.


Everyone turned their attention at me and I spoke up again. “Not like I will use the muscles to cook , or clean. I’m fit as you can see.”


Jan walked up to me and angrily whipped me with a cane. I screamed and looked at those looking at him with respect.


Let me not molest him before his subordinates here but if he wipes me again ,I may be tempted to teach him the greatest lesson of his life.


“You really think you are fit yet you are like this? Can you even do ten press-ups?” He asked and everyone chuckled.


They all mock me and I looked at everyone and said ; Wait guys , I think I can do more press-up that your master here.” I said and everyone laughed sarcastically again.


It’s obvious no one believed me.



“This tiny thing wants to challenge me ,can you imagine? ” Jan bragged


“You are scared to accept the challenge” I said and he laughed out loud.


He fell to the floor like a mango tree and stood in a position that depicts the fact that he’s about to do press up.


“Oh! Challenge accepted. Good!” I fell to the floor too and maintained a press up position.


“Guys ,count for us and see who gets tired first.* Jan said and they began to count while we both commence the press ups.


As the press up reaches a count of thirty ,I noticed that Jan is not showing any sign of tiredness anytime soon.


Wow! This guy must be really good at press-ups.


When the press-ups reaches fifty,I decided to peek at him again and I saw that his muscles are getting relaxed as his press-ups is now getting slow.


Good! This Jan of a guy did not even know that I use to do 150 press-ups at a stretch.




At 70 press-ups exactly ,the guy fell flat to the floor breathing heavily and obviously tired and exhausted.


I did thirty more making mine hundred and folks there began to hail me.

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