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Jan dragged me back abruptly that I almost fell


“What is that for ?” I asked as I turned to him.


“You may be rude at home but being rude to my boss; I would never take that ” Jan said.


“Did you hear what your obsessed servant said” I faced his boss.


“Okay ,we need to show you what we made of here. This place is not a place where you can be rude anyhow. You should even respect Jan not to talk of me ” Stone said and winked at Jan.


Jan blew a whistle with two of his fingers in his mouth and two other men came into light.


They surrounded me and Stone said; “Teach her the greatest lesson of her life”


He was about to leave when I spoke up; “They must have thought they can beat me cause I let them to beat me hours ago ,please join them to beat me too”


He faced me and smirked. He ordered for his men to go ahead with the torture they are about to give to me.


The men charged towards me and with smile on my face ,I sent kick each to everyone of them.




I regretted sending kicks to them cause I was trying not to led Stone know that I can fight. I want him to think that I’m weak.


Wait! Did all this people think that I’m just any lady. I’m Ava… No one defeats me.


The two men lay and was struggling to stand along with Jan. Jan was the first to stand amidst them.


He charged towards me and he began to sent me all sort of blows in my body while I start to cry like a baby.


He never knew that I was only pretending to be defeated. All his blows were like foams to me. It wasn’t having any effect on me.


I just pity him cause if I sent him one blow in his mouth now ,all his teeth will remove.


I squatted to the floor and began to cry then he stopped.



He raised his two hands up victoriously.


“See how you are crying like a baby now , learn to respect us here” Stone said and walked away.


As soon as I saw that Stone had left. I stood suddenly from the floor like nothing had happened to me.


I walked to Jan and stood before him. He stood before me too and we began to stare into each other’s face sternly.


I nodded him on his forehead and he staggered back ,he angrily charged at me with a blow ,I guided it easily and sent him a kick in his manhood.


He screamed like someone injected and fell.


I went to him and slap him softly on his cheek.


“I don’t respect anyone here ,you learn to respect me ” I said and walked away victoriously.


I’m not doing any cleaning today. If I will be cleaning, then that would be tomorrow




No! Tomorrow is too early. That will be…next week.


Yeah ,I will start my work as a maid next week and there is nothing anyone can do unless they want me to design their faces with my blows and kicks.

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