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“Boss ,what’s the matter?” Bobby asked.


My boys had noticed that ever since I returned from the chairman’s office. I had not been active.


How can I? I’m not someone that betrays or hurts innocent people.


I had being wicked to Ava cause she us rude not just to me but to the boss as well.


The chairman had told me to make love with Ava since she thinks I once was her boyfriend.


He told me to start by confessing to her that I knew pretty well that I’m her boyfriend but I was only trying to avoid her.


He told me to make her trust me and ensure I make love with her. He said the goal is to make her get pregnant.


He promised to pay a huge sum of money too. I do not think I should tell that to my boys.


But I felt like I would burst open if I do not do something quick about it.


That is so much for me to handle.




“Boss , what is it?” We can not keep watching you acting this way.” Thomas said.


“It’s a personal issue.” I tried to say without looking into their eyes.


I couldn’t maintain face contact. I just kept avoiding it.


I felt so guilty even before doing such.


I stood all of a sudden. “Be right back boys.” My voice was courageous.


I walked straight to the chairman’s apartment , straight into his office and he happens to be inside.


“Jan sir , can I come in?”



“Of course.”


I walked in and stood before his desk.


“What is it?”


“The work…the plan , I do not think I will be able to do it, sir.”


“Jan, you are in the best position to do this.”


“But it’s wrong , sir. Plus I can’t watch a woman that I never have feelings for carry my baby. I knew that one way or the other , I will still be attached to the baby. ”


“What are you insinuating.”


“You can fire my boys and I , I can not do it sir.” I said and looked away.


“Fine, I’m not begging you anymore, I’m ordering you.”


I shook my head in disagreement.


“Did you know what will happen if you do not do as I’ve said?” He asked in a whisper.


I brought my face to his.


He snickered. “Death. You will die if you do not. Report to me after a week.” He rested on his chair and watched me.


My heart became heavier. Feat engulfed me. I know what he can do. If he says he would , kill, he must surely kill.


I walked out and went to a corner of his apartment and cried. I cried so hard after many years.


I do not want to die but why should I deceive Ava and shatter her world.


What if I will be the first man to ever make love with her?


I send cash home to my family every month. Once I die , they might bounce back to my poverty.


As a matter of fact , the chairman I know is someone that can even kill all my family if the anger gets to him.


I really wish I do not have to do this. I walked straight to Ava’s apartment.


I saw her just coming from the gym room.


“Ava!” My voice was soft.


She looked at me gently.




“I’m…your boyfriend. ” I said to her deceptively.


Tears dropped from my face.

She would have thought the tears dropping from my face is a function of me finally comfessing who I am to her, not knowing my tears is is a product of I being used as a means of deceiving her.


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