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I watched her slumped to the floor and I looked at my boys helplessly.


‘The boss must not find out that she slumped again.” I said to my boys.


They carried her to my room and laid her to the table.


“We have to do somethung boss , she might die if due treatment is not administered to her as soon as possible.” Bobby said.


I sighed. I know nothing about treating sick people.


“Maybe we should place an ice on her head.” Timothy suggested.


“Make it quick.” I ordered and he went out to get the cold water.


We placed it on her head.


Thomas went to Ava’s laying body and start to speak to her : “Hey! Can you hear me. Open your eyes. Wake up.”


But the lady’s eye just remain closed. I remain perplexed. I forget totally that she is still under treatment, I couldn’t have hit her.




“I’ve got an idea.” Bobby said and opened the door. He ran out.


We all sat at the chair, bewildered. We watch the body lay to the table.


Bobby scurried in about a minute later and began to huff heavily. We all stood at once nervously.


“What is it?”


“The boss is on his way here.” Bobby said and I exchanged a very quick stunning glances with my boys.


“The boss! Coming here? ” I said and became really frightened.


I went to Ava and slapped her gently by her cheek saying; “hey! Wake up. Common! “



She just lay like a log of wood.


“What were you going to do originally?” I asked Bobby.


“I want to secretly invite the boss father’s doctor here secretly. “


“Oops!” I breathed out with my mouth and became restless.


“We need to buy time , boss.” Timothy said.


“Yes , we need too. Let me go and keep the boss waiting while you keep doing whatever to keep her awake. As soon as she wakes, text me.” Bobby said and ran out.




One of the worker had told me that she saw Ava going to Jan’s apartment. I did not really trust Jan , he might hurt the lady again.


Even though Ava would not appreciate my care over for , but it won’t stop me from protecting her from bullies.


I was almost getting there when I saw Bobby coming towards me with a smile.


“Boss!”he called with a smile but I just looked at him keenly.


” I’ve got something important to discuss with you, sir.”He said and lowered his head slightly.


I smirked. “You have something to discuss with me and you think telling me in this manner is proper.”


“Actually , I know better to do the right thing. But this is very urgent and it involves you sir.”


“Involves me?” I became really curious. What could he have to say that really involves me?




“Let me check on someone there , first. “


“This is very urgent sir. ” He insisted.

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