Thu. Feb 8th, 2024

Ava ^




I had being expecting him to confess this for months. I looked him in the eye and my face became teary.


I missed him so much. I never thought Jan and I would ever see again.


“Why did you maltreat me so bad?”


He fell on his knees with tears pouring from his face. “I’m so sorry sweetheart, I loathed the fact that my past had to come back to me. ”


“Your past? Have you moved on already? ”


“No, no! You are always on my mind and I love you so much. I can not do without you. ”


“But you treated me like trash.” I said painfully.


“I’m sorry,” He lowered his head pathetically.


I walked sullenly to him and pulled him up. I hugged him tightly.


I finally find my Love. “Jan, I’ve missed you.”




“Thanks for forgiving me, baby. I love you so much.” Jan said and I nodded while hugging him.


My face darted all of a sudden to Stone. I did not know what he came to do in my apartment but I guess he came at the wrong time.


His eyes were lean. I knew he was probably begining to have feelings for me but I find my Love already.


I hope he finds love elsewhere.


Jan and I disenaged. I held him by his wrist and took him to my room.


“Jan!” I called softly and he looked at my face. I missed his handsome face.


“Ava, how did you end up here? ”



“Things changed. Dad got into a lot of debt that sent us packing from where we were living to east London. And you , how did you end up here?”


He shook his head. “It’s a long story.”


For him to say it’s a long story , he probably hasn’t wanted to tell me yet. I should just let him be.


“Fine. I’m really glad to have you back.” I went to sit close to him and hope he understands that I wanted him to kiss me.


After giving him a lot or signals and he still would not kiss me, I moved my head close to his face gently in a bit to kiss him but he stood up all of a sudden.


“I have a work that I should be doing by now, see you soon , Ava.” He ran out.


Stone’s POV


I had gone to Ava’s apartment do discuss some crucial things with her about our past , I need to ask her some deep questions.


I was stunned to the gut when I saw Jan and her hugging themselves.


It first looked like a dream to me because I know that if there is anyone Jan loathe with so much passion in this empire ,it’s definitely Ava.


How in the world did they end up together and even hugged for crying out loud.


This is odd.


I went to stay a few distance away from Ava’s apartment hoping that Jan would come out of the house soon.


Few minutes later , I saw him walk out and I called : “Jan.”


He walked to me, “Sir.”


“I seem not to understand what is going on, how did you end up becoming so close with Ava?”


“I found out that she truly loves me , sir.”


“She loves you? ” I repeated those words irritatingly. I was really jealous.




I bite my lips softly. “I do not want to see you in Ava’s apartment anymore , cleared?”


He looked into my eye for a while and nodded. He walked away.

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