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“Boss, I’m glad you are confident. ” Bobby said.


“We’ve being loyal to him for years and he just think he can fire us became he thinks he’s in love with some stupid rude girl.”


“Sometimes, I just imagine what in the world the boss sees in that lady that ever made him like her. She’s not really beautiful , is she?” Thomas said.


“I don’t care if she is exquisite or lot. I loathe her cause she is making the boss go crazy. ” I said.

“I really love Stone. Imagine that we even donated our own skin and went through the risk of being cancerous in the coming years. “


” I’m sure his father would explain everything to him.” Timothy said.


“I hope he does. Cause only then can he understand our reason for loyalty.”


“But boss ,shouldn’t we do something about this lady , still? Like do something that will separate her from the boss forever?” Bobby let out.


“No, as long as their actions do not affect us , let us keep watching.” I said.


“And she did not even like the boss.” Timothy said.


“I noticed that too.” Thomas added




The boss that loathes ladies so much is now stooping so low to love an ordinary maid, a commoner for that matter. The boss has lost it sincerely. ” Bobby said.


We heard a knock on the door at the moment and I signaled for one of them to open it.


It was one of the securities that guard Stone’s father empire.


“The chairman wants to see you?”


Oh; that’s Jason’s father. I didn’t expect anything else. I knew he would send for me , I just can’t really predict what he has to say.


I followed the security guard to his office and he gestured for me to sit.


He pushed a document that was on the table to me and on reading it, I got the greatest shock of my life.







He nodded with an evil smirk , telling me to go ahead and be fast with the plan.

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