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Stone ^




I was seriously angry. My head was spinning and I can’t wait to set my eyes on Jan.


As soon as I got home , I yelled Jan’s name and his boys came out to me first.


“Where is Jan?” I cried out.


“I’m here sir.” Jan walked majestically to where his boys stood.


“Ava has confessed everything. Who among your boys hit him by the head?”


‘None of us did such a thing sir. Let Ava come here herself and point at who did such to her. Boss, she’s just trying to turn you away from us. She never loved you but we do.” Jan said and I bite my lips.


My mind was blank at the moment and I can hardly think straight.


“If Ava Comes back to this house and points to one of you as her killer. Consider yourself dead. “


“Boss ,don’t trust her words.” Jan said.


“Quiet!” I yelled at him and turned from them.




“Boss , you have really changed.” Jan lamented.


I turned at him and walked to him. “Have I?”


“Boss, that girl is just an ordinary maid. You have not even known her for years. But you’ve known us for majority of your life.” Jan said and my head just remained blank.


I walked out of him and walked back to the hospital. On arriving at the hospital ,I saw Ava already seated


“Ava!” I called happily on seeing her. She came to look at my face with no expression.


“What did you do for them?”


“You mean Jan and his boys?”



She nodded.


“I haven’t dealt with them yet cause they wouldn’t confess. “


“Hum! You would really trust me over them?”


“But the doctor also confirmed it that you were hit. Someone obviously hit you and you are in the best position to tell me.”


“Fine. I think I’m fine. I hate the smell here.” She said and I nodded.


“I’ll speak with the docot to continue the remaining part of your treatment at home.”


She stood and we walked to where my car was parked. My driver drove us home.


Jan and his boys stood at the compound of the house while I approached them with Ava.


“Welcome boss” Jan and his boys said with a slight bow.


I snubbed them and looked at Ava. “Which among them stabbed you?”


“The one in blue.” She said and I peeked at the one in blue , it was Bobby.


I brought out my gun angrily and stretched it at him.


” If you shoot him,please shoot us all.” Jan said and I shot him an angry look.


“You are tempting us to rebel sir.” Jan added.


“Oh! And what would you do? Shoot me in return return ,huh?” I asked and went to him to search if he was with a gun.


He is not. I searched his boys too.


“Oh! You want to gang up and beat me?” I said further and Ava walked away leaving me standing.




I felt so ashamed and looked at the face of Jan. He kept looking straight inside my face and I just looked away.


The person I was even trying to fight for has walked away from me.

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