Sun. May 12th, 2024

Stone ^




I walked to my father’s apartment.


He was approaching his office with a bald headed short man.


I watched as they entered. I finally got to his office and planted a soft knock on the door.


“It’s me dad.” I said loudly.


“Five minutes.” He said and I waited for him at the corridor of his office


I saw the man walked out and I checked my wrist watch: it was exactly five minutes.


I walked inside to meet father.


“How are you doing , son?”


“I’m not fine. I fired Jan and his boys but they told me that only you could fire them. What’s going on?”


My dad sighed and his face dropped into a serious one.




“Well , they saved your life.”




“Remember the story that was narrated to you by the doctor, how you were burnt and stuffs.”


“Yeah , I remembered.”


“Your face was burnt and… We actually replaced Jan’s original face with it. Now , you are fine. But the face you see on Jan is your face. We did it through a plastic surgery just so I can be remembering how you use to look like. “


I looked at my father, startled.


“If you are still wondering why we can’t fire Jan and his boys. Jan would be having a face cancer soon. Probably in the next six years cause the face surgery we did for him has a severe consequence. That was what we could have done for you but because I can’t let you be a cancerous patient in the coming years , we did it for Jan instead. “



“Is Jan aware of this? That he would have face cancer after six years?”


“Yes.” My father said softly.


“And he agreed. What the…” I looked away in utmost surprise.


“Jan made this sacrifice for me?”


“Yes, and for your skin, his boys donated it. We can not be an ingrate and fire them.”


I sough.


“Dad! This tattoo in my lap is the only thing that never get burnt in my lap, right?”


“Yes, your private part and that part of your lap was never burnt. “


“Okay….Ava has the same tattoo I have. “


“Ava! Ava! ” my dad repeated.


“Did you know her?”


“Erm.. No….where did you meet her?”


“She is my current maid. I found out we have the same tattoo.”


“Well , maybe she went to go and draw it so you can like her or something.”


“No , she never even liked me. I think the tattoo has being on her lap for a long time.”




“I know nothing about that.” My dad said firmly and I exhaled heavily.


I stood. “See you some other time , dad.”

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