Mon. Feb 12th, 2024

Stone’s Dad.”




“Is this confirmed , sir?” The doctor asked.


“Sure, In fact…I had to send one of my men to confirme if it is the real Ava.”


“My days! Who would have ever thought that they will ever meet again?”


“I’m telling you. I’m glad it hasn’t come to the understanding of the both of them that they were once lovers.”


“And we need to avoid that as soon as we can, sir.”


“Sure. But…I believe that Ava would be thinking that Jan was once her lover.


“But with the curiosity of your son and his confession about finding of the tattoo he had in similarity with Ava. ,theey might soon find out whom they really are to themselves .”


“How would they find out whom they use to be to eachother? I do not think it’s possible. Tucker lost both his facial skin and his memory, how could he possibly remember?”


“People recollect their memories if their past are close to them. “


“Oh! I thought people don’t recover. I can’t let anything like relationship stem up between those two. You don’t know how much I hate Ava’s parent when we use to live together as neighbours. The day I find out that Ava and my son are meeting , I moved out of that area that same week. “




“But they are back together now. “


“Yes , they are. So…what can I do?”


“I suggest you fire Ava , sir. “The doctor said.


” Huh? You and I know that Stone would not allow that plus they might be meeting elsewhere. They are now grown ups.”


“True , but we can’t hurt them , right?”


“I can’t hurt my son but I don’t care what happens to Ava.”


“Fine , then. I will infect her with a disease that would make all sort of boils stem out of her body. Even if Stone has being growing some feelings before , seeing the lady’s beauty fading , he would give up the feelings and have no choice but to fire her. He might just send her home and give her parents a time to take care of her just like he once did for a maid that developed a terrible sickeness years ago.



” I love the idea. Go ahead and do that.” I said and shook hands with the doctor.


I smiled as I watched him walk away. I won’t allow my son ever find out that Ava use to be his girlfriend.




I think I should go ahead and set up a my own personal plan. The docor would be working on his but I need to think of something worst to do.


I smiled as an idea struck my heart. Yes ,I’ll do just that.




I’ll ensure that Jan and Ava makes love and hopefully get pregnant for Jan.


I snickered at the good idea. So , even if Stone later finds out , it would be too late.

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