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“Is it a matter of life and death?” I asked.


“Not really sir.” He replied.


“Spare me just five minutes , then.” I walked away from him to Jan’s apartment.


On getting there , I planted a knock on the the door but no one was responding.


The door wasn’t locked from outside and I’m pretty sure someone is inside ,why isn’t he answering.


“Jan” I shouted repeatedly but there was no response still.


I became disturbed. I brought out my phone and dialed his contact.


I dialed it severally yet he wasn’t picking.


What’s wrong with Jan? The most disturbing part of this is that Ava might be in that same room.


I dialed the security digit’s number and they came rushing from where they are to Jan’s apartment.




‘I have no understanding of what is happening inside there but I need you to break in. ” I said to the securities.


“Alright , boss.” Their captain said and they start working on the door.


About twenty five minutes later, they were able to open the door.


I barged in and saw Jan sleeping on the biggest chair there. Two of his boys were sleeping on the floor while Ava sat and rested her head on the chair, her eyes were closed.


She’s probably sleeping too.


What’s going on here?


“Wake this men up.” I told the security operatives and they obliged.



The two guys started stretching their bodies like it’s being a while they had slept.


Jan opened his eyes and darted his head around like someone trying to recover from a deep sleep.


“Boss!” He called.


“What’s going on here?”


He looked around too and set his face on Ava. He changed position in surprise.


“What is Ava doing here?” He yelled.


“Are you asking me? How in the world did she enter your room? Are…are you telling me you did not know when and how she ended up here?”


Fifty Minutes Ago


Jan’s POV


“Boss, she has stopped breathing.” Thomas said.


“What!” I screamed in fear. I went to where she lay and placed my hand on her nose and truthfully she had stopped breathing.


My heart skipped in dismay.


A message popped in on my phone and I checked. It’s from Bobby.


“Bobby sent a message.” I said as I opened the message app.


Thomas and Timothy rebounded round me to read. The message reads; ” I couldddn’t convince him, the boss is on his way.”


“Jeez!” Tomothy exclaimed while we all exchanged a bewildered look.


“What do we do, boss?” Timothy asked.


“Place her on the chair!” I commaned and they carried her and set her in a sitting position in the chair. I rested her head on the chair to make it look like she was sleeping.


“Guys ,we did not know how she get here. Cleared?”




“Cleared.” Timothy and Thomas replied.


“We are pretending to be sleeping. You two should sleep on the floor. I’ll sleep here.”



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