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Fifteen Minutes Ago.


I came to consciousness but let my eyes remained closed. I felt a movement towards my breath and I seized it almost immediately so they can assume that I have died.


I began to listen to their conversation, henceforth. I heard when Thomas told Jan that I had died.


I perceived Jan coming to confirm what Thomas had just affirmed so I seized my breath again.


I was enjoying the panic they were going through especially with the expectancy of Stone coming around.


I was placed on the chair like someone sleeping and I pretended that way too.


Few minutes later, I heard a hectic conversation between Stone and Jan.


“I have no idea how she got here boss. My boys and I had being partying and we drank ourselves to stupor , that was why we were all sleeping.”


“Oh really?” I heard the boss proclaim.


“Where are the bottles of your drinks?” Stone asked.




“I believed Bobby carried it away.” Jan’s reply was affirmative.


“Ava!” I heard the boss called but I refused to answer.


“What did you do to Ava?” Stone asked them all.


“Nothing, boss.” One of Jan’s boys replied boldly.


Someone came beside me and sat beside me. With the scent , I knew at once that it’s the boss.


“Ava!” He called but I remained still.


He placed his hand on my shoulder gently and tried to push me to wake but I just fell like an helpless statue.



“What!” I heard Stome screamed.


He hurriedly checked my nostris to see if I was breathing but I was quick enough to pause my breathing.


“Dead or what? Ambulance!” He cried out.


“I’m fine.” I said as I sat upright. I could see the tremendous astonishment on his face. He chukled on seeing my face.


I darted my face to that of Jan and I could discern restlessness in him.


“What did they do to you. Do you remember?”


“Sure.” I replied.


Stone nodded and expected me to confess.


“I’ll tell you in private.” I stood and walked out.


After taking few steps away from Jan’s apartment, Stone met with me and we began to work side by side.


“I have no idea what happened there. It’s just the two of us now , what really happened?”


“Jan threw a blow to me in my head and I passed out.”


“What! I think it’s high time I fire this people.” He said and turned.


Stone’s POV


I walked back to Jan’s apartment and I saw Jan and his boys standing at the passage.


“You hit Ava again?” I said.


Jan and his boys looked at me without saying a word.


“The four of you, you are fired.” I said and turned.


“You can’t fire us sir.” Jan said and I turned. “It was your father that employed us, only him can fire us and I’m sure he would not want to do that cause he knows the consequence.”


“Are you threatening my father?”


“Not at all, sir.” Bobby replied.




“But the four of us brought you to live when you were dead. We sacrificed for you and that’s why we have being very loyal to you but seems your love for a common maid is making you hate on us.”


“I don’t understand a thing of what you are saying, but consider yourself fired ” I left them and walked straight to father’s aparment.



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