Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

Stone ^




I sat in my room thinking deeply about the incident that occurred few hours ago.


How in the world did Ava had the same tattoo I had on my leg?


I heard a subtle knock on my door and I stood immediately to open it.


I was astonished to see Ava at the entrance.


“Can I come in?”


“Sure.” I replied and she walked in while I closed the door gently.


“I want to ask: where did you get the tattoo you had in your leg?”


“It’s quiet a long story , but dad told me that they find the tattoo in my leg during my rebirth.


” rebirth?”


“Yes, Many years ago, I was a victim of a fire accident that occurred in my father’s company. I was with some some workers downstairs when the fire broke out.




I got burnt , like seriously burnt. Many people died and they actually thought I had died too but when they were able to place my bones and the little flesh around me to the casket , the doctor found out that a part of my heart was moving up and down.


He notified others and they had hope that I might actually recover fully since my heart is still working.


I was taken inside the medical room and they start to operate on me. According to the doctor that narrated this to me , I came back to consciousness after seven days but my body was just so disfigured that anyone whould have wished that I have died.


Around that time , Some employees came to apply for job at my dad’s empire. This same place where I now live.


They were five men particularly and when they heard what happened to their employers son, in a bit to act emphatically just to get them employed. They promised to help me in every possible way.


My dad invited the doctor over and asked the doctor how any of those gentlemen could be of help to me.


My doctor said if anyone of them could let them remove the facial skin on their face and replace it with mine. As for the skin , they would fix it.



One of the men volunteered and his facial skin was replaced with mine.


During that time , the tattoo I had in my lap was still there. Even though all of my body got burnt, my private parts along with a section of my laps were saved.


” I have a quick question to ask?’ Ava asked.




‘Who are those men that volunteered so willingly?”


“I’ve being asking dad that same question for years but he never tell me.”


“Did you know me in the past?”






She sighed and kept looking at my face.

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