Sun. May 12th, 2024

Ava ^




If Stone was Jan: my boyfriend. Then he should recollect who I am.


“Did you have loss of memory , sir?”


He nodded slowly. “Not sure.”


“Did you remember what happened two years ago?”


He thought for a while and nodded.


“Three years ago?”




“Five years ago?”


“Yes. But Ava , can we stop talking about that. I will ask dad more about this tattoo later.” He said.


“Did you have a change of name , I mean what did you use to bear?”




“My name is Stone since I was born and it has never changed.”


I sighed. He’s definitely not my boyfriend. Could be Jan then?


But Jan is not cool with me. He would not even want to listen to me.


“I’m leaving , sir.” I said. Even though he never responded. I walked away still.


I walked to Jan’s apartment and stood few distance from his room.


I was really nervous. I did not even know why he loathe me this much?


Maybe because I’m this lady that doesn’t like to be bullied.



I walked to the door and planted series of knock on it.


The door opened and I saw one of Jan’s boys standing at the entrance.


He turned back and told those inside that I am outside.


He turned to me and examined me from head to toe.


“What did you come for?”


“To see Jan.”


He smirked and pretended like he would punch me on my face to which I quickly guide.


“Dummy!” He mattered angrily.


He turned back inside and said: “boss , she came to see you.”


About few seconds later , the guy standing at the entrance walked outside to me while Jan and two of his boys walked out with me.


They formed a role and stood before me.


“Did you come to fight with us in our own apartment?” Jan asked.


“No , I came to have a discussion with you.”


Jan smirked and exchanged glances with his boys.


“Have you ever seen a goat and lion exchange conversation before?”


“No. We do not have goat nor fox here.”


‘Fool!” One of his boys said to me.


“You are the foolish goat while we are the unbearable Lion.” Jan said.


“Fine. Would you let me speak with you?” I asked.


“No, fool. You came to our apartment to fight with us. When we almost kill you now, the boss will startto accuse us, not knowing you were the one that came to start up a fight.” Jan said.


“Like I said: I never came to start up a fight. I only come to discuss.” I said.


“I hate your confidence. Fool!” Jan said and I sighed.


I really feel like punching him in the face right now. I just loathe it when someone keeps insulting him.


But since I really need to get him to talk to me , I need to endure all these insults.


“What did you want from me for you to have a conversation with me?”


“If you can receive three of my blows to your face.” Jan said and his boys nodded in agreement.


I knew pretty well that his blows are heavy but since I really need him to talk , I agreed.


He smiled and took two steps to me. He threw the first blow and I staggered back till I fell.


Blood was pouring from my nose and I felt like my nose had broken.


It hurts pretty bad and I tried to stand up back. I stood before him and he walked to me again with an evil smirk on his face.


He’s obviously deriving joy in what he’s making me go through.


He threw the second punch to my face and I fell flat to the floor.


This time , I couldn’t even stand again. I’m sick and

Just trying to recover only for me to me receiving punches again.




I could hardly see clearly and hope that I find my balance soon. I saw Jan stood above me with his evil smirk again.


Ouch! He must not give me this last blow while lying , I might actually die.

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