Thu. Feb 15th, 2024





I saw that she had been bleeding and I fear for what may happen to her if I throw another punch to her face.


“Stand up.” I said to her and she summoned all her energy to stand.


She kept gaping at my face while standing with no stamina.


“I’ll throw the last punch to your face after we had discussed. Come inside.” I said to her and she obliged.


She sat before me inside and said: “I’ve got few questions to ask.”


“Go ahead.”


“Did you know me from the past?”


“I’ve never met with your generation.”


“Ouch.” She looked away. ” Did you notice you have the same tatto that I had?”


“And so what?”




“Okay , I need to tell you this. This tattoo that I drew in my lap is a seal between my boyfriend and I in the past. No one else knows about it.”


“Okay, lover girl. “


“Did you remember your past?”


Fact Is; after what my boys and I did for the boss’s father , the doctor did something on us that didn’t make us recollect our past.


But why should I tell this girl the truth? She’s not worth it.


“Well, my past are as clear as crystal. I’m not daft like you. “


“I didn’t loose my memory. My boyfriend looks exactly like you.”



“Oh! Really?” I laughed sarcastically.


Well , truth is that this face of mine is not really mine, the doctor placed someone else’s face on mine but I don’t care.


“Is it funny?”


“I don’t know. I do not see a meaning in what you are talking about. “


She sighed and stood.


“See you some other time.” She said and tried to walk away but I stood and walked swiftly to her.


I pulled her to me. “Have you gone crazy? Let me throw my last punch.”


“Of course, you would not. “


“Why? Didn’t we have an agreement?”


“I don’t care.” She said and tired to walk out but I threw a punch to the back of her head.




She held her head for a while after which she shot me an angry look.


“Why are you so wicked? You know that my head had just being treated and is presently being treated too. Why hit me there again.” She said and slumped to the floor.



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