Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Jan ^


I kept reading through the pages of the diary and it was all about her crush, the crush didn’t look like someone that loved her to her but she always liked it anytime the boy and she meets.


I began reading the second diary and I found out it was all about how the crush actually confessed at a Christmas day how much he loves her even though their families were rivals.


And according to the diary, that was the beginning of their love story , at some time ,they kissed.


Other time ,they go to the cinema together. Sometimes, they play at the ice cream joint. Other times, they play chess together.


I picked up the third diary and it was all about how their loves are getting deep and although they tried their best to hide their relationship from their parents but in a careless way or the other, their parents get to find out.


Ava said that her father scolded her and warned her to not to make friendship with the boy ever again.


Anytime she writes to place that needed her to write the name of the boy ,she always skip it.


At the last page of the of the third diary ,she wrote that they were conversing of how it will look like after the boy and her got married.


The boy promise to stay by her no matter what and they were just promising themselves all sorts.




My eyes became heighetened once I see the name ‘Jan’.


On reading clearly ,I saw that the name of the boy she had being having a relationship with was Jan.


I began to laugh out hard and wondered why the boy would have the same name as I.


Or did she actually planned the writing of this diary …No! The writing in this diary is old and the diaries themselves are old.


I know how it smells and look when I see an old book.


I was left with a diary to read but I wasn’t really willing. I was angry with the fact that the boy that use to be her boyfiend happens to have the same name as I.


Oh! Could that be the reason why she pretends to be good to me atimes? She must be crazy.



I loathe her and I won’t stop loathing her.


I just want the boss to come around and tell me that she’s dead.




I’d stayed with Ava for many hours now , a day is almost clocking. As much as I felt like going home to rest ,I couldn’t leave her.


I like this lady ,I don’t know why?


A nurse came at that moment and began to perform some medical stuff on her while I watch pathetically.


She pulled off the gown that Ava was putting on ,I knew I was suppose to look away but how beautiful her laps is won’t let me.


I got the greatest shock of my life when I see the tattoo she had on her laps.


It’s the same tattoo that had being drawn on my laps. Even me do not know where I got the tattoo from.




My heart began to beat heavily. I need to find answers to my long time curiosity about who drew this tattoo on my laps and why.


I must see Dad tomorrow and ask him why.

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