Thu. Feb 15th, 2024





I became conscious of my environment. I have no idea where I had being or how I got to where I was.


My eyes were still closed and it made it look like I was in total darkness.


I tried to open my eye and luckily , I was able to open it. The place I was looked like an hospital. I confirmed that it was an hospital after staring for a period of time.


While darting my face around , I saw Stone lowering his head by a small locker before him.


He was sitting beside me and he looked unkempt.


“Sir! ” I called but he didn’t respond. “Sir!”


He raised his head slowly and jerked up happily on seeing me wake.


“Ava! You are awake?” He exclaimed happily. With the way he raised his hands , he wished he could grab me.


His face was lean and I wondered why he is that way.


“I’ve being with you for a while now. I couldn’t stay home for long seeing you hurt this way.’ He said and I reasoned why he was that way.




” Thanks , sir. ”


“Who did this to you , Ava?”


“Did what?’ I asked and I remembered how one of Jan’s boy hit me by the back of my head.


” Jan told me that you fell all of a sudden and loosed consciousness. But the doctor actually said that someone must have hit you.” He said and waited for me to respond.


“Yes , someone hit me. ”




“I can’t say precisely cause the person hit me from the back. ”



“Oh! Can you guess who it could be? What were you doing when it happened? Did you have issue with anyone before the incident?”




“I think it’s one of Jan’s boys.”


“What! One of Jan’s boys did this did you, which means Jan must know about it right?” He didn’t wait tor me to reply. He just barged out angrily.

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