Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

Ava ^




I opened my eye after few hours ,though I did not know how many hours to be precise that I had passed out


I felt really awkward and scared. I have the same tattoo with my boyfriend who I never got to see again until recently.


About five years ago when we were still dating,his dad had informed him that they would be moving from our area. Not for any reason precisely but because he hate to see his son with me.


We were both sad and didn’t really know what to do, He suggested that we draw the same tattoo at our laps where our parents would not quickly notice.


We agreed that we will find ourselves with the tattoo in the future.


But the scary part of this is how two men would have the same tattoo.


My boyfriend name was Jan and he loves me so much , but the Jan here hates me so much and worst of it all , he didn’t recognize me


Yes, Jan , my boyfriend then and this present Jan has the same face but not the same physique.


I was forced to think that something must have happened along the line that made the way he speaks and walk to change. Cause only his face is the same as my boyfriend. Everything other thing about him is absolutely different.


Stone on the other hand is a boss that I had disrespected so much cause I find out that he has got some feelings for me and I really need him to stop.




I loathe a situation where I will be treated specially.


How in the world can he have the same tattoo with me.


Did he perhaps check my laps when I was at the hospital?


Frankly speaking,everything about him resembles that of my boyfriend.


Except for the face.


His caring attitude, the way he speaks, the way he walks , the way he does things.


Everything , just everything about him is so like my boyfriened but he is not Jan. They do not have the same face.



I’m confused. I really need to find out a lot about these two men.




I would have said they plotted it together but they are enemies already cause of me , they couldn’t have plotted something so securetive and deep


I believe asking the boss first will be fine

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