Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

Stone ^




I walked away shamefully from Jan and his friends and went to my room.


I buried my head in my palm not knowing what to think or do exactly.


I stold and went to Ava’s room, she was laying on her bed. I sat by the chair that was directly opposite her but had a few distance from the bed.


“Ava, you shouldn’t have walked away that way. It’s disrespectful to my personality. Remember that you are just a maid and I’m only trying to be good to you.”




“Is that all you would say?”


“What else? You don’t expect me to apologize , do you?” She asked and I kept looking at her face.


I sighed.


“I walked away cause I was still weak, I’ve not received all my treatment. You don’t expect me to keep standing when I really needed to rest “


“Understood. But what I’m insinuating is this: try to respect me with your words and your act especially before my boys. Alright?”




“I need to rest , sir.” She said.


“Hum! I may be forced to change to you someday if you would not stop disrespecting me. It’s like you are taking advantage of my kindness to you.”


‘Okay. I need to rest , sir. Please…leave.” She said almost silently as she held her head like she was strained.


I felt pathetic for her.


“I didn’t mean to stir up headache in you. Sorry.” I said to her.


There was a silence between both us for close to three minutes.


“I have something to discuss with you , Ava?”



She didn’t reply but with the look on her face , I could go ahead with what I have to say.


I wanted to pull my trouser up to show her the tattoo in my laps but I changed my mind. Maybe I shouldn’t tell her anything yet.


I may find out what it is about the same tattoo that we had in the future.


I stood and stepped towards the door.


“Are you going to leave me in suspense , sir? You just told me you wanted to discuss something with me.”


“It might increase your head ache. It will be better If I tell you some other day.”


“No, tell me now , sir. I’ll handle it. “


I sighed and walked to her. I pulled my trouser up and requested of her to look towards my laps.


“What!” She yelled and jerk  up


“What Ava!” Before I knew what was happening, she had loosed consciousness.



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