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Jan ^


I’m not really a type that read books ,in fact ,I hate to read books but I’m kind of curious to know more about that girl.


How and where did she learn how to fight and the tattoo… Well…the tattoo might just be a mere coincidence.


Nevertheless,I’m still curious to find out.


I flipped the first page open and it reads;


— Ava In Diary—


Year 2006, December.


I love this Beautiful day because my crush shakes me today. Yes ,my crush. He’s our neighbour and he’s just so handsome.


Mom doesn’t really like his family cause his father is rich and arrogant. He speaks anyhow without respect and that makes my family loathes their family.


But I particularly likes to see that beautiful boy , our neighbour. He’s light in complexion and averagely tall.




Dear diary ,guess how we get to shake?


Around 12 PM , I decided to get myself an ice cream at the second street and I saw him standing outside too.


I was really nervous to speak with him but I could feel his eyes on me.


we had never really spoken …No! We had greeted each other twice.


That’s all, yeah…that’s the only time we had exchanged words but I had hoped that a day would come when we will really speak to each other.


I practically spend most of my time thinking about that.


“Are you going out?” He asked me.



I was shocked that he spoke to me. I stylishly looked around to confirm if he was speaking to me or his words were probably directed to another person.


But there was no person I’m view which confirms that he was talking with me.


His voice was so so sweet and I raised my head up happily .


“Yes, to buy an Ice cream.” I answered and he walked up to me.


“Won’t you mind us going together?”


“No. I’m really fine with it.” I replied nervously and we both went to get the ice cream.


We came back to the house and stood before each other ready to depart. I couldn’t even look at his face ,I was trying to avoid his gaze.


“See you some other time.” He stretched his hand to my surprise and his light skinned and beautiful hands with the most adorable scent makes me shiver. It’s an honor to get to shake my crush.


I received his handshake and watched him walk to his house. I smiled happily and jumped to my house.


Dear dairy ,I’m so happy.



Jan’s POV continues


Wao! I didn’t even realized that I’ve read four pages. I opened the second page…






Guess whom the guy is?

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