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I watched him walk away while I sighed. I’m so sure he has that tattoo. Shouldn’t he be sensitive that something must be connecting both of us together but hatred would not let him see.




When will Jan ever calm down and find out the mystery behind the tattoo that he had on his leg.




“Jan! ” I called under my breath and let sleep take total control of me.




Three days later.




I had become stronger and the injured nose had being healed. I was jugging very early in the morning along with other workers in the house.




Jan has always being the one leading us and he’s still the one leading us in training.




I kept looking directly into his face even as I jug.




“Am I a masquerade? Stop starring at me and jug very well.” He shouted from where he is


and I took my face away from him.




“Hey! Why did you always have issues with him?” One of the worker who was jugging beside me asked.






“I think the question should be why he always have issues with me.”




“Whatever !” He said. “Tell me.”




“Well, I’m this kind of person that do not like to be controlled for any reason. And we all know Jan likes to treat everyone like they are nothing.” I said.




“Oh! But we are used to it. I think you need to be humble here …Jan is very strict and wouldn’t take nonsense from anyone.”




“No, sometimes you need to challenge your leaders. You know no one is always right?”




“Sure.” He answered.




“What’s your name?” I asked.





“Donald ,you?”








“Nice meeting you .”




“It’s my pleasure.” I smiled. The guy looks very cool and handsome.





“Boss!” I heard someone’s voice right behind me and I turned.




It was one of Jan’s boys. Jan came to where he is and asked. “What’s the matter?”






“Ava and this guy here are having a conversation?” He reported.




“Fall flat ,both of you.” Jan yelled angrily like he had being expecting me to commit an offence all this while.






The guy quickly fall to the floor while I stood.




“I’m not falling flat. You never told me that having a conversation while jugging is against the rules here.”

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