Sun. May 12th, 2024







I sat beside Ava and felt so bad on seeing her lay to the bed motionless. Her eyes were closed and the doctor said that it was a fatal injury.




I do hope that she survives this. According to the doctor ,he told me that someone must have hit her intentionally on the head and that I should not be too quick to suspect anyone.




If she survives this ,she will sure tell me who did that horrible thing to her.




He told me to be optimistic while they treat on her.




I intertwined my fingers in that of Ava as I looked into her beautiful face.




If Jan or his boys had done this to her ,I will severely deal with them ,I might either fire them or worst ,shoot them dead.




^ Jan^




Normally ,I don’t drink this way but I had drank myself to stupor that I could hardly see.




During our celebration of the demise of Ava , we had drank ourselves over.




I walked randomly and just kept walking ,having no idea of what room I entered.






I woke up after many hours , I saw myself lay to the floor helplessly. I was looking so rough and I looked around to see whose room I was.




The red mirror I saw made me know that this room is for Ava. she kind of likes red color.




I stood hurriedly and stared around the room. This room will soon belong to our new maid cause I’m sure that the Ava of a girl can not survive what we did for her.




I went happily to sit on her bed and my face darted to a small book like a diary on her desk.




I walked to the desk and picked the diary. I saw figure 5 boldly written on it and I guessed at once that she might have four other diaries.




I quickly went to her wardrobe and searched for it and I saw the four diaries piled up.




“Wao!” I exclaimed and took it all to my room to read.









Jan is about to find out something…

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