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“What the… ” Stone paused his statement and turned around like someone regretting.


“Do you want to kill her?” Stone asked.


“I told you sir but you insist that we fight.” Jan said.


“Tell me! Why did you hate this girl so much?”


“She’s rude sir ,and I will continue to loathe her for being rude. ”


“Is that the only reason why you loathed her this much?”


“Plus the fact that you liked her ”


“Oh! So you loathe her cause I liked her. How does the fact that I like her affects you?”


“That was what always made you Punish me anytime I deal with her.” I said.


“Hum! You are really growing wings. I can deal with you anytime I want.”




“I know sir.”


“I think I need to fire you.”


“Sir? But I’ve done nothing wrong?”


“Maybe. As long as you continue to loathe this innocent maid , I may end up firing you?”


“When you want to fire him ,fire me along.” Ava struggled to say to my surprise.


I walked to where she lay ,totally bruised and covered with her own blood.


“Ava ,see how he had wounded you. You would still not have me fire him ,right?”



She scoff and spat to the floor.


Jan looked away angrily while his boys walked to him.


“Are you the one always persuading him to loathe Ava more?” I asked his boys.


“Boss ,this is not you.” Bobby said.


“Sincerely ,boss had really changed. ” Timothy added.


“Boss ,we know you to loathe ladies. We know you to always hand over maids to us to ensure they perform their duties and deal with them mercilessly if they do not ” Bobby said.


“Boss ,common! Please go back to who you use to be.” Thomas added.


Jan just stood akimbo watching his boys.


“Three of you.” I said to the three boys of Jan. ” Pin your head there ”


They looked to my face in surprise and exchanged surprising glances.


They pinned their head to the floor as I had commanded.


“Who are you to tell me what I’m suppose to do? Let me give you this warning again. Don’t ever touch this lady ever in your life again. ” I said to them and they kept mute.


“Is that cleared?”


“Boss, what you are doing to my boys is not fair.” Jan let out. ” You know that we are loyal to you till death. We love you yet you choose a girl that will keep insulting you and obviously never loved you, over us,sir?”


“Let me tell you this straight. Don’t think I have some kind of feelings for Ava ,I just don’t want her to get hurt.”


“No ,boss. You have feelings for her.” Jan said and my mouth dropped.


I went to look at Ava who was starring at the both of us while still laying on the bed.


“Really?” I asked but Jan never replied.


“Fall like a mango tree ten times .” I commanded.




“Do what I’ve said.” I yelled angrily and he began to undergo the torture that I had subjected him too.




I looked at Ava and I saw him starring passionately and pathetically at Jan.


Is she even suppose to pity him? Did he perhaps like Jan?

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