Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

Ava ^




Jan smirked wickedly and I could see the look of anger on the face of his boys.


It’s just so obvious they hate me but I won’t mind teaching them the greatest lesson of their lives if they try me.


Jan signalled to one of his boys with his left eye and the guy passed me and faded out of sight.


I stood expecting either Jan or his boys to make any silly move.


But they just stood and kept looking at me.


I suddenly heard a loud bang on my head. I fell straight to the floor and everything went absolutely blank.




“Good job ,boy.” I said to Bobby as we all bursts into laughter.


I had signalled to Bobby to get the iron rod that we had prepared to kill her with should in case she gets rude to any of us.


“Hey you!” I said to the worker who was flat on the floor. “Stand!”




He stood while breathing fearfully. “Did you see anything?”


“No, no sir.”


“If you are asked that how did this girl die or faint ,what will you say?”


“I was never there.” He replied.


“Good. You can leave.” I said to him and he ran to meet his colleague.


“Yeah ,so guys… Someone needs to go and tell the boss that she fell all of a sudden during training. ” I said.


“I’ll do that.” Thomas said and I nodded.



Thomas walked away to deliver the errand that I had sent him while Bobby ,Timothy and I stood by her.


“Guys , make sure you maintain a pathetic face so the boss would not suspect that we hit her.”


“Noted boss.” Bobby said and Timothy nodded.


The boss came into view and from a far distance ,we saw him jugging so swiftly and he finally came to where we were .


He looked at Ava on the floor lay still.


“She fainted?” He asked almost crying.


“I was also surprised sir. “I answered.


” Sir ,I think we should call the ambulance. “Bobby suggested.


” Right away.” The boss answered and Bobby called the ambulance.


The boss held Ava and began to sob. It’s now obvious that he really have feelings for him.


But who cares? With the way she was hit ,she would never survive it.


The ambulance came and carried her away while the boss told his driver to drive him to the hospital.


As soon as the boss left ,I looked at my boys and we laughed happily and victoriously.




“We should celebrate this.” Thomas said.


“Sure! Common guys! Let’s go and celebrate it.” I said and we all walked inside happily.

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