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“Again!” Thomas ; one of my boys said. ” What has gone wrong with the boss?”


“I think he might be falling in love or something.” Timothy said.


“The boss has seeing many ladies , and we all know he loathes ladies so much as a matter of fact ,he was once labelled as a gay.” Bobby said


“True ,though.” Thomas said.


I sighed as I tapped my foot repeatedly against the floor.


“There is something really baffling me.” I said and they all focused more of their attentions on me.


“That girl! ”


“Ava?” Thomas asked


“Of course. She doesn’t like the boss laying his hands on me. I sincerely did not seem to understand her.”


They sighed and Bobby said: “Really?”




“As a matter of fact. That girl can fight , like she can actually fight. But…this days,when I beat her she just let it slide. She doesn’t try to fight back.” I explained to my boys and they all began to reason.


“I think she now fears you.” Bobby said.




“Or …maybe she’s beginning to realize that we guys may kill her at the long run if she keeps enjoying favor from the boss.” Timothy added.


“But ,come to think of it. She never stops insulting the boss even though she knew pretty well that the boss can fire her with a word.” I said.


“That has kept me really disturbed. The boss is now beginning to be at her mercy while she’s now beginning to be at your own mercy.” Bobby said.


“So boss, what do we do now?” Thomas asked.



“I suggest we invite her over and ask her…like put it to her face and ask why she’s acting that way.” Timothy suggested.


“Let’s give it a try.” I said and Thomas stood. He walked away and came back few minutes later with Ava.


Ava was in a night gown that makes her look pretty beautiful but I loathe her, though. I even hate to see her and I know that I will be the one to kill her in the long run.


“You sent for me?” She asked standing.


“I think you should learn how to greet first.” Bobby scolded her and she turned to Bobby.


“Unfortunately ,I didn’t learn to.” She replied Bobby.


“Greet,you fool. You greet first before starting any conversation.” Bobby said ,this time his voice was loud.


“Calm down man ,you are not even the one that sent for me. The person that sent for me hasn’t complained ,so calm down your nerves puppet.” She insulted Bobby and Bobby stood angrily ready to charge at her but Timothy and Thomas stopped him.


“Let me deal with this …bastard ” He yelled but Timothy and Thomas stopped him still.


I gestured for Bobby to sit and he obliged ,though still seriously angry.


“Greet.” I said softly.


“Good evening.” She greeted.


“Evening. ” I replied. “May I ask why you are acting like a good girl to me this days?”




“Yeah, and why acting as a bad girl to my boss. You know what? I prefer you being good to my boss than being good to me.”


“I’m just being me. If you had called me for this talk here ,I’m sorry I have to leave.” She said and turned to leave.


” If you walk away from me like you always do to the boss , I will beat you blue black .” I threatened and she stopped.


She turned to me. “Beat me? I’m not sure you can.” She said and I gestured for my boys to deal with her.

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