Fri. May 10th, 2024





The doctor had just finished treating me and I lay still on the bed. My nose still hurts and I was finding it so difficult to breath.


I turned to see who had being sitting beside me and it was Stone. He was staring into my face passionately and I needed no one to tell me that he must have had some very strong feelings for me.


“How are you feeling?”




“Does your nose still hurt?”


“I just told you I’m fine.”


He scoffed. “Fine, you really look beautiful even on sick bed.”


I didn’t reply, I turned from him inside and let myself fall into a deep sleep.


I woke up about an hour later and saw Jan and his three boys standing before me. Jan had on his hand a package.


I tried to adjust into a sitting position.




“The boss had ordered us to bring this food to you.”Jan said as he pointed the package to me.


” Why didn’t he just let the cook bring the food? why sending you?”


“Stop asking me stupid question , fool. I can’t even imagine myself being sent by the boss to get this goddamn food for you.”


I sighed and collected the package from him. I opened the package and brought out the food inside.


I opened it and began to eat.


I heard one of Jan’s boys whisper to his ear. “That’s true.” He replied his boy. ” You are too big to say a ‘thank you’ right?” Jan yelled.


“Thank you.” I said and they all exchanges glances in surprise.



“Fool!” Jan said again as he watched me ate. I knew he loathe be so much.


Especially when he use to be the favored one by their boss before I came here.


I knew that if he had an opportunity to kill me , he would have.


“Let’s go guys.” He said and turned but I called all of a sudden when they are about reaching the exit of the room I was.


“Jan! ” He turned at me, his face still expressing that of anger.


“Erm…” I opened my lap well and showed him the tattoo in my lap. “Did you have this same tattoo in your laps?”


His face dropped as his eyes darted to my laps.


“What about it?”


“I just want to know if you have this same tattoo?”




He walked to me and brought his face closer to mine. It’s none of your goddamn business. ” He whispered with an evil grin formed on his lips.


He turned away from me and turned to me all of a sudden: “Don’t try to be pathetic , I loathe you with passion and will never forgive you. Fool!” He walked away.

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