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My boys and I had just supervised the workers. We went to the field to play soccer just to relax our brain.


The four of us sat at the center of the field to have a brief discussion before playing soccer.


“That was a whole lot of work.” Thomas said and yawned.


“Oh! Yes. But the boss would not even appreciate us ” Bobby said.


“Talking about the boss just pises me off. That maid of a girl is practically doing nothing in this house yet the boss doesn’t want her to get hurt for any reason ”


“It’s obvious the boss is in love.” Thomas said.


“Fact.” Timothy added.


“Boss ,why aren’t you talking?” Bobby asked on noticing that my mind wasn’t really with them.


“I found out something.” I said and they all concentrated their attention fully on me.


“What, boss?” Thomas asked.




I pulled off my three quarter jean and revealed the diagram of the tattoo I had on my leg.


“You see this?” I asked and they all nodded. “Ava has this same tattoo.”


Thomas and Bobby exchanged glances in surprise and I nodded.


“What does that mean?” Timothy asked.


“I can’t say precisely. I didn’t even know where I got this tattoo from.” I sighed.


“The tattoo might not really mean something deep?” Bobby said.


“Sure. Might just be… Can’t say though but I still loathe her with passion.” I said.



“Same here boss.” Bobby added.


“The boss doesn’t want us to hurt Ava anymore but that will never happen.” I said.


“Not after he had us punished for doing absolutely nothing. ” Thomas said.


“Boss ,I suggest we sneak inside her room at night and …you know , kill her.” Bobby suggested.


“If we kill her ,the boss will be seriously hurt cause it seems the boss really loves Ava. I do not want to hurt boss in the process of hurting Ava ” I said.


“So , are we no longer hunting Ava?” Bobby asked.


“Not like that. But we have to find a way of dealing with her without hurting the boss ” I said.


“Hum! I’ve got a suggestion. I think we should have her kidnapped then.” Thomas said.


“No.” I said. “Let’s keep watching the boss and the girl without interrupting.”


They all looked at themselves, then to me.




“Understood. ?” I asked them.


“Understood.” They nodded and stood.

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