Thu. Feb 15th, 2024





After I had fallen like a mango tree has the boss had ordered , I stood seriously pissed at the boss.


He use to like me so much just before this stupid maid came . I should have killed her when I had the opportunity too.


The boss commanded my boys to halt their punishment and they did.

My boys came to look into my face and I just lowered my head cause I really felt bad for how the boss is treating us just because of an ordinary maid.


This is totally unlike him.


I watched as Ava tires to stand. The boss tried to move closer to her to aid her in standing but she shunned him.


“I still do not know exactly why you told Jan to undergo this punishment . I told you to stop acting like you care for me or something ” Ava told the boss.




“My name is irritating in your mouth ,sir. Stop punishing Jan and his boys because of me , alright?”


“Ava! I know you must be scared of the fact that they might end up doing something evil for you when I’m absent or ….have they being probably threaten you and you are scared. Common! Tell me ”


“No one is worthy of threatening me. ” Ava said as she spat blood on the floor.




Her nose was still bleeding from a side. Her face were still bruised.


She turned from the boss with a move of walking away.


“Ava ,you are really bruised. Can I invite the doctor over to get you treated?”


She nodded as she took more steps to walk away. She fell and the boss ran to her to help her up.


“Sorry!” He tried to help her up again while Ava just let him.


The wind blew her night gown up and I saw a big drawing at her leg that really caught my attention.


It was the same drawing that I had on my laps.



The boss aided her in walking away while I watched as they both faded out of sight.




I turned away from them and wondered how we ended up having those drawings at our laps.



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