Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

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I sat down by the metal chairs under a shed that was beside my swimming pool.


I had invited Jan over and I’m sure he would be on his way.


He soon appeared and stood before me.


I looked to his face for a while and when he probably starts to feel comfortable ,he lowered his head.


“Sit!” I said and he obliged.


“Tell me what is between Ava and you?”


“Ava!” He repeated the name.


“Yes ,Ava…Are you two into something? ”


Jan chuckled surprisingly. “Boss, are you saying this? You know I much I loathe this girl and how I never want to see her”


“I should even be asking you that question ,sir ” he added.




He continued when he sees that I was struggling for what to say; “Unlike other maids in the past ,you treat Ava like a gold and that made me loathe her so much. You punish me for dealing with her when we she fail in her duty but surprisingly ,you are inviting me over to ask if we have anything in between us,sir!” He said and chuckled softly as he looked away.


“Alright, I’m not foolish to ask.” I said and he looked to my face.


“I erm… You know what? This girl seems to like you ,Jan.” I added and he giggled as he lowered his head.


He’s probably finding it hard to believe his ears.


“I don’t want to be rude sir ,but I do not really know what you are talking about sir?”


“Oh! Ava, seems to like you.” I said and he laughed.


“Ava! Is this some kind of joke or something? We quarrel practically every day and you talking about some like sh-!t ,sir.”



“I know what I’m talking about” I said sternly and he shook his head slowly as he rubbed his nose.


“What gave you that idea , sir?”


“Well ,she quarrels with me anytime I deal with you. She just loathe any act of mine that seems to hurt you.”


“Is she crazy? Why would she be pretending like she actually like me ? Is she mad? ” Jan barked and stood angrily.


“D@mn it!” He cursed and walked away from me.


My mouth was dropped open and I can’t imagine Jan walking away from me.


About few seconds later , he came dragging Ava by the hand to me.


I feel irritated to Jan for dragging Ava in such manner.


I stood angrily and walked to him.


“What is it? Why dragging her like she’s some kind of garbage?” I asked Jan.


“Sorry sir ” He said and let loose of Ava who was just staring.


“Hey you Ava! ” Jan faced Ava angrily. “The boss said you always quarrel with him anytime he hurts me , I don’t know what you are doing that for and I don’t care. I loathe you with passion and I believe you hate me too. So ,look into my face and tell me you hate me so the boss can know that we’ve got nothing going on between us. ”




Ava looked into my face and walked close to me.


“Why did you assume we have something in common together? Just because I always tell you not to hurt him back for hurting me ,right? …” She scoffed. “Is that enough reason to just assume that their may be something going on between us. Have you perhaps see us standing side by side talking softly before or …you’ve probably seeing us in a room together? You know what ,Man. You really need to get your sh!t together and act like a boss that you are. I came here to work as a maid not to fall into some love shiiiii. Get that into your skull, man ” She walked away.

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