Thu. Feb 15th, 2024





I sunk to my bed and darted my face around wondering what I could do.


I turned to my wardrobe and brought out the time table that Jan had given me.


Ouch! In the next thirty minutes ,I had to clean the room of Stone.


I’m kind of nervous cause of what I said to him.


I rested for a while but unfortunately for me ,I woke up after an hour.


Oh my days! I quickly stand and wore my ‘maid uniform’ , I walked swiftly to his room and I saw Jan just coming out of his room.


“You!” He shouted on me ” Why are you just coming?”


I exhaled and said; “I’m sorry ,I slept off.”


“Slept off!” He repeated loudly again and grinned. “Like you seriously slept off at a time when you are suppose to be here cleaning the room.”


I sighed and looked away.




“It won’t repeat itself again.” I said and he threw an hot slap to my cheek.


My head aches instantly and my eye became teary. I grinded my teeth and looked to his face.


“You bastard.” He said and walked away from me.


I breathed out and twisted my head. I walked inside and began to clean the room.


After I was done , I was about getting ready to leave when Stone walked inside.


He pressed his eye on me and said; “I thought you should have being done with this for a very long time? ”


“Yes ,I came late.” I said.



“Oh! Was Jan aware that you…”


“Yes ,he is.”


“And ….what did he do to you?”


“Slapped me ,of course.” I said and he looked away angrily.


“Jan! Jan!” He shouted his name angrily.


But why is Stone always wanting me to be safe ,he doesn’t even want me to get hurt for any reason.


Jan came into view about a minute later.


He threw a slap on Jan and Jan staggered back.


“Boss!” Jan called.


“Don’t call me boss ,fool. Why did you slap her?”


“Boss!” Jan called again.


“I said you should stop calling me boss , crazy. Answer my question?” He barked on Jan.


Jan looked to the left and bite his lips. He spoke up after few seconds of silence ; “She came late to duty.”


“And so? And what if she comes late? Are you the one that employ her?” He asked Jan angrily.


“Now ,listen and listen good. Don’t ever lay your hands on this girl again, cleared?”


Jan bite his lips and kept mute. “Fine” He said and walked away.


Stone turned to me with a smile.


“Don’t mind him ,if he does anything to you ,just inform me.” He said.


I chuckled dryly and look into his face.


“I hate you.” I said. “why would you slap Jan ? Why!” I breathed out angrily.


I felt like slapping him too but I’m just respecting him cause he’s my boss.




“But I’m only doing this for you?”


“Why?” I shouted. “Hey… don’t ever lay your hands on Jan again just because he beat me. It’s my body and I’m not complaining.” I said angrily and walked away.

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