Wed. May 29th, 2024


The three boys of Jan charged at me and I began to wrestle with them

I defeated them in few minutes but I had really get wearied out.

They were laying on the door same as I. I was breathing heavily but happy at least that I had knocked them down.

‘Bravo!” I head someone hailed from a distance and my head was even too heavy to turn to see whom the person was.

The person came into view about few seconds later and it was Stone.

I wanted to stand but I was so weak. I lay still looking into his face.

“Jan! See how an ordinary maid easily defeated your boys?” He tried to mock Jan as he laughed after his words.

“She’s on the floor too sir! ” Jan said.

“Amazing! Something tells me she might defeat you. ”

Jan laughed. “I’m scared that If I fight with her , I may end up killing her sir.”

“Oh! Hey…stand up ” Stone commanded me and I summoned little energy to stand.

“Can you defeat Jan?” He asked.

“I do not know.”

He faced Jan. “Fight with her.” He went to sit and watch.

Jan smirked at me and charged towards me with an heavy blow but I guided it.

He staggered back and balanced himself.

He look into my face angrily and kind of ashamed that he missed his first blow.

I never tried to hit at him.

He began to charge at me while all I do is to just guide.

He got really angry at some point and let out: “Fight with me.”

“I wish but I can’t”I said in my heart. I can’t imagine fighting with ….,oh no! I would rather let him beat me but I’m scared that he may use that opportunity to kill me.

One of his kick finally hit me and I fell. He took advantage of that and pound on me ,he began to throw blows to my nose and blood began to steam forcefully.

I was now finding it hard to breath. I was trying to survive first before even thinking of fighting back.

He held unto my neck tight like he would kill me and I was fast loosing breath.

“Leave her!” Stone shouted but Jan refused. He was so enraged and hope that he kill me at that moment.

Stone ran to him and pulled him up angrily fro me.

I was struggling for breath and feeling so weak. I felt like I would die anytime soon.

I was bleeding and Jan’s face and I met. If only he knew whom I am.

I hope it would not be too late before he finds out.

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