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I walked to the field where Jan and his boys were ,they were supervising some men working on the field.


“Jan!” I called and he came running to me.


“Bring Ava to me!” I commanded and he nodded.


He came back few minutes with Ava.


“Make her kneel.” I said and Jan made her kneel to the floor.


“I need you to join this men leveling the grasses here.” I said.


“Why should I? Is it part of my work as a maid?” She asked.


I knew it, I knew she will retort with insult.


“If you do not do as I’ve said ,I will allow Jan deal with you mercilessly?” I threatened her and she chuckled to my surprise.


“Have you eaten today?” She asked.




“What is that suppose to mean?”


“Just want to know if you’ve eaten. I’m feeling hungry to anyways…If you have not eaten,we could go eat together instead of standing out here in the sun.” She said like someone that had gone crazy.


“It’s time I start teaching you to respect me.” I said and stood. “Bring her with me.”


I walked straight to the furnace room and entered. Even though , I stayed few distance away from the furnace ,the heat still hurt a little.


She was brought inside and I commanded that Jan push her closer to the furnace.


Jan did as I had commanded and closed a leather door on her.


We watched as she groans in pain in the fierce heat of the furnace.



I watched as sweats were popping from her body as she screamed in pain.


It was not even up to three minutes that I could no longer stand it again. I wish I can watch her suffer for another one hour but I just can’t.


“Release her!” I said almost crying. I do have a weak spot for this rude girl that I can’t explain.


She was brought out and she slumped to the floor almost immediately.


I walked to her and squatted before her. She was breathing heavily like someone that had would loose life anytime soon.


“Will you learn to respect me now?” I asked and she brought her sweaty heavy head up to me.




I smirked victoriously at her even though I was sad to see her in that state from the inside of me.


“Fool!” She said to me and let her head fall to the floor.

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