Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

Ava’s POV




On opening my eyes ,I saw myself laid on the bed with a woman massaging my head with something cold.


I darted my eye ball around and I saw Stone sitting by the desk right beside me.


I furrowed my brow and tried to remember what actually happened before I find myself here.


I recollected and took my face away from Stone.


Well ,he said they should deal with me so why is he standing here?


“Are you getting better?” He asked.


“How is that your business , sir?”I asked not looking at his direction and he scoffed.


“You really want to die.” He threatened.


“I’ve never stopped you from killing me. ” I said and I could here him grin.


“Seems you are not even afraid of death. ” He said and stood.




“I can’t stand an ordinary worker disrespect me here. Once you are healed ,I’m firing you ” He said and I watched as he walked away.


Firing me ? Gosh! I haven’t even received my first salary.


My poor family and siblings are really depending on me. They had thought that now that I had start to work in a rich empire like this ,I should be sending some cash home at the end of the month.


Is this how I will get fired?


Am I rude for real? I think I’m just being blunt.


Jan’s POV


I laughed happily with my boys as we drank.



We sat around a table filled with bottle of drinks.


“I’m so glad you hit her by her head.” Thomas said.


“She must have some suffered some memory loss by now.” Bobby added and we all chuckled.


“I actually want her dead. I wish we get the report that she’s dead. ” I said.




“She might not even survive it if not for the boss that quickly tell the doctor to attend and begin to treat her.” Timothy said.


“Don’t worry boss ,we will still be the one to kill her. Let’s just play it smart. ” Thomas said and we all sipped in our drinks happily again.

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