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Sequence. 22


‘You will always be attacked at your weakest point- never at your strongest. The tempter knows the bait that will most readily entice you. He offers you that bait just as surely as he offered the forbidden fruit to Eve.’ ***


He woke up the next morning to a familiar scent Abby was sleeping peacefully next to him with her arms wrapped around him.


Squeezing his eyes shut, memories of the previous night flooded his mind. ****


As the passion built up in them, they began moving their lips holding each other closer to the other.


For a moment, he was lost in the touch of her mouth. His body was pressed up against her and his hands were running up and down the side of her body. All the



uncomfortable feelings about Mattie and the flickers of guilt that played in his mind evaporated as lust began to build up in him.


He finally lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around him caressing him with her fingers as he carried her straight to his bedroom then he laid her on his bed. She watched him with wanting eyes as he stripped out of his clothes and tossed them to the floor.


Soon he was lying on top of her he pressed hard against her and began to kiss her deeply and hungrily.


Sex with Abby had never been the way it had been last night. They were two bodies yearning to fulfill their desires no matter the source. *****


He felt anger over his apparent inability to stop the memories circling his brain he stood up abruptly and shook her roughly. ‘Uh…wha-what is it,’ she said groggily when she finally woke up.


‘You need to leave,’ he said.




‘You need to leave my house,’ he muttered in a rather angry tone.


She yawned loudly and stretched the stiffness of her muscles she had no idea why he was angry.


‘What is it?’


‘Just get dressed and leave.’


‘I thought you had fun last night,’ she tried to grab his arm He moved, ‘Last night was a mistake.’ ‘Chard.’






He didn’t want to argue with her but he gave her a look that made her shut up. She looked around the room for her clothes, they were scattered all over the floor she quickly picked them up and began to dress up.


‘This is the not the last you will hear of me,’ she said before she hurriedly left the room.


A pang of guilt swept through Chard as he thought of Mattie, even though she wasn’t his girlfriend, he felt like he had cheated on her. ‘Shit,’ he angrily punched a pillow with his fist.


Why had he allowed Abby to seduce him he was angry with her.


His heart felt heavy and he sank into his bed unsure of what to do.





Mattie and Trinny had just finished eating breakfast when a knock sounded at the door.


‘I will get the door,’ she told Tess


She wandered over to the door and opened it without asking who it was.


‘Vanessa,’ she called out in disbelief.


‘Hey,’ Vanessa responded trying her best to smile.


‘Come in,’ Mattie opened the door widely and shut it behind her back. Vanessa’s eyes were red from crying her lip was split and had various marks on her face.


‘I am sorry for bursting in like this but I had nowhere else to go,’ she said, she had a scared look on her face as if someone was after her life.


‘What happened to you?’


‘It’s a long story,’ she said


‘Talk to me.’


Her lips began to quiver as tears ran down her face.


Mattie gathered her sister into her arms. Vanessa laid her head on her sister’s shoulder and held on to het as if her life depended on it.




‘Yes hun.’


‘Is she okay?’ Trinny asked a worried look on her face.


‘Yes baby.’




When she was calm enough, Mattie lead her to the spare bedroom and shut the door behind them, she wanted so badly to know who had done that her but she wouldn’t pressurize her into talking.


‘You take a warm bath and I will make you some tea then we can talk.’ She shook her head.


Mattie exited the room and made her way to the living room.






‘Can you please drop Trinny off for me at school today?’ ‘Okay.’


‘But mummy I want to drive me,’ Trinny frowned


‘I need to attend to auntie Vee, let Tess drop you I will pick you up.’ ‘Okay.’


She removed some money from her purse and handed it to Tess, ‘For your taxi.’ ‘Okay.’


Mattie leaned down and kissed Trinny on her cheek softly, ‘Have a great day at




‘Thank you.’


‘I love you.’


‘I love you too.’




She made her sister a cup of tea and walked back with it to the spare room. She put the cup on the table and found her some clothes to change in.


As she waited for her sister to finish, her phone buzzed. It was a text from Chard.


‘Are you at work?’




‘You are working from home?’


‘No, my sister just popped up and she is in a bad shape so I want to spend some


time with her.’




‘But I have an appointment at 11 I will step out just for an hour.’ ‘Ok.’


She stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in a white towel. She sat on the edge of the bed and Mattie handed her the cup of tea.


‘What’s going on?’ Mattie asked


‘My husband did this to me,’ she said taking a long sip of her tea.


‘Your husband?’






‘This is the first time he is laying his hands on me.’ ‘And nobody told me about this?’


‘Well mum didn’t want anyone else apart from her and the girls to know.’ ‘How long has this been going on?’


‘He started hitting after two months of being married to him. He changed it was as if he was possessed.’


‘This is serious,’ she stood up.


‘He beats and drags me around the floor by my hair, he slams my head against the wall and sometimes he uses his belt to whip me.’ ‘And mum?’


‘She says he is a man, he does all this because he loves me.’ ‘I can’t believe this.’



‘The last time he beat me up I went over to mum’s house but when she got back she took me back to my husband’s house.’


Mattie shook her head, unable to believe her mother would behave in such a manner.


‘That man is controlling Mattie he made me quit my job so I could become a house wife. He goes and comes back home as he pleases, I have no say in that marriage.’ ‘You should leave him.’


‘I want to but where do I go, mum will disown me if I do that.’ ‘Forget about mum, this is about you.’ ‘I am pregnant.’




‘I just discovered a week ago and I want to protect my child from that monster, can I stay here till I figure out what to do but don’t tell mum I am here, I am sure this is the last place she would look for me.’


‘You can stay here for as long as you want.’ ‘Thank you.’


‘You are welcome.’




‘Hey!’ She smiled when he opened the door for her.




He still had his Pj’s on and his eyes looked full of concern. He closed the door and led her into the living room.


‘Lovely place you have here,’ Mattie said before she sat down, she had just gotten back from work and had decided to pass through his place before going home. ‘Thank you.’


‘You are welcome. Are you okay?’


‘Yes,’ he lied.


‘You didn’t go for work?’


He shook his head.


‘Can I get you something to drink?’


‘Na. I am okay, talk to me.’


‘My Ex came by last night,’ he said


‘Oh,’ she said her face devoid of emotion, ‘What happened next?’ He went on to narrate the events of the previous night.


‘Cunning bitch,’ Mattie said with sarcasm He gave her a pointed look.


‘So this Ex, you wanna get back with her?’




‘You need to decide what you want out of life, you can’t go around sleeping with different women all in the name of being s£xually starved.’ ‘I know.’


‘As a friend I am only advising you to make the right choices, going back and forth, sleeping around with different women won’t do you any good. Get yourself a woman and invest in her, try and be committed.’ ‘Okay.’










The Clock is Ticking





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