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Sequence 14




He glanced at the ring in his hands, it was small but truly dazzling, it had cost him a small fortune but he didn’t care, she was worth every cent he had spent. He couldn’t wait to ask her to be his wife, he had waited for this for so many years, he wanted her so bad he usually dreamt of the day they would finally be together as a couple.


He vowed he would do whatever it took to keep her in his life even if she didn’t want him, for now her feelings didn’t matter all that mattered was that he loved her and his love was enough for both of them.


A slight smile tugged at the corners of his mouth as he stared at her beautiful photos and the more he stared, the more he wanted her all to himself.


There were paintings and photographs of her everywhere hung up on every wall of his bedroom. She belonged to him she would have to understand that some day. ‘Tap, tap, tap,’ a faint rap sounded at the door, startling him from his trance. ‘Come in,’ he called out


The door flew open and Max walked into the room and shut the door behind him. ‘Good Morning Boss.’


‘What’s so good about this morning Max?’ ‘There has been a development.’ He sat upright, ‘I am all ears.’


‘Last night, a man came to visit her at the apartment.’








‘He stayed at her house till late at night sir I think he is her boyfriend.’ ‘Boyfriend!’ he screamed as darkness and rage suddenly enveloped him. ‘Yes.’


‘So what do you have on this man?’


‘Nothing yet sir, I haven’t gathered information about him, I wanted to report to you first.’


He stood up, ‘Max, is this what I pay you for?’ Max was silent


‘Answer me?’ he yelled his anger growing with his inability to respond.


He walked over to Max and without warning slapped him hard across the face, the slap nearly knocked him down.


‘The next time you bring me half baked information, I swear I will kill you,’ his voice bellowed across the room.


‘Sorry boss.’


‘You had better be,’ he said in a raised tone.


‘Can I leave now?’


‘Yes, go back there and find out everything about that man, I want every tiny detail


on him.’


‘Yes boss.’




Max stood up and hurriedly walked out of the room, he knew his boss was a ruthless man who wouldn’t hesitate to kill him if he messed this up so he had to quickly find information about this new man that had suddenly resurfaced in her life.


‘A boyfriend?’ He mumbled under his breath.


He was enraged, how dare she disrespect him like this, why would she allow another man close to her when she had a man who was serious enough to marry her.


He picked up a small table which was next to his bed and banged it down so hard it broke.


When Zita heard the noise from his room, she stopped what she was doing and rushed into his room, she found him shaking while staring at the photos on the wall, she didn’t have to ask what was wrong she quickly opened a bottle of whiskey and poured him out a large drink.


She handed him the drink,’ it’s going to be okay,’ she whispered



He grabbed the drink from her hands and downed down the whiskey in one large gulp.


‘Zita,’ he calmly called her name.




‘Am I a bad person?’ he asked


She got the glass from his hands and placed it on the floor, ‘No! You are the kindest person I know,’ she managed a smile


‘Why then does she continue to choose other men over me?’ he asked in a low tone.


‘She isn’t thinking straight, just give her time she will be yours,’ she whispered stepping in closer and running her fingers over his skin, he was shirtless.

‘She is my life,’ he said


‘I know.’


Zita was only a few inches away from him and she was leaning in closely.


He grabbed her roughly and lowered his head before thrusting his tongue into her mouth, sucking down on hers. He continued to kiss her harder and harder.


The kiss was a mixture of rage and canal frustrations, he Imagined this was her. ‘Do with me as you please master,’ she said between kisses


He didn’t respond seemingly too busy trying to remove her clothes. When he finally pulled the dress of her shoulders, his hands were everywhere running all along her body. Then he pulled her towards the bed and pushed her onto his bed before he removed his shorts and threw them across the room.


Before she knew it, he was on top of her slamming hard into her, making her scream his name loud enough for those outside to hear but he didn’t care, this was the only way he knew how to release his frustration.


When he finally rolled off, they lay in silence staring at the ceiling.


‘Zita!’ he called her finally ending the silence.




‘Get dressed and clean up the mess.’




He got of the bed as soon as she did and headed for the bathroom even being with Zita didn’t help him forget her, it only increased his need for her. He took a shower trying to relieve the stress of not being her. *****


Tears fell rapidly from Zita’s eyes as she spread the bed, he was her master and her duty was to be submissive to his every wish but what killed her was the fact that he loved another when she had been with him all these years.



Her feelings for him had grown stronger over the years, yet he couldn’t see it. Every single night her skin burned for his touch, she wanted more she was tired of being used as a s£x object. She had to think of a plan real quick before he brought in the other woman, the woman whose photographs filled the house, the same woman whose name he usually called most times he had s£x with her.


She walked into his life two years ago as his maid, when their eyes had first met she fell hard for him, during the first few months of staying with him, she did all she could to capture his attention and eventually he finally did give her some attention.


What started as a simple affair with her boss turned out to be a whole lot more complicated than she had bargained, he was controlling and abusive. She cut off her family and friends by moving from her country to his.


She thought he loved her, she fancied the idea of being married to someone rich but he had other plans in mind, he treated her like his slave. Most nights she stayed in his bed all night and during the day she served him.


She called him master because that’s what he preferred to be called.


Zita felt trapped yet she couldn’t leave him, she belonged to him.


She picked up the pieces of the broken table and swept the room.


‘Zita,’ he called her when he stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in a blue towel.


She quickly wiped away any evidence of her tears and managed a smile.


‘What can I do for you?’


‘I would like to have a snack I am hungry finish cleaning and get my breakfast ready.’


She nodded her head, ‘Okay.’


He stared at her, ‘were you crying?’






She quickly finished sweep then left his room for the kitchen, she had to get his


breakfast ready before he finished getting dressed or else all hell would break



















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