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Sequence 19




A wave of fury burned through his gut as he looked at the photos of Mattie and Chard, they’d been taken from a distance in front of his car but he was able to zoom in.


There was a smile on Mattie’s face as Chard had opened the car door for her. That should have been him at her side he was the only one who deserved to make her smile like that.


He picked up his glass of whiskey from the table and swallowed a mouthful he shook his head as the alcohol burned its way down his throat, he was tired of watching her from a distance, he had to put his plan in motion, Mattie was his and no one would take her away from him.


It had been three days since Zita had hit his head with a glass vase and even though he had recovered from that, he still had a slight headache.


He made a mental note to punish her for it later when she least expected it. ‘Zita!’


She came rushing into the room and got down on her knees.




‘Go and get dressed, we are going out.’


‘Going out?’ she asked




Zita was surprised, Thomas never allowed her to go outside each time he went out he would lock her inside the house.






‘Didn’t you hear what I said?’


‘I did,’ she stood up instantly and rushed to her room, she still couldn’t believe he was going out with her.



She stripped off her clothes and stepped into the shower quickly washing herself afterwards she dried herself off and walked back into her room for a change of clothes.


She was nervous about which clothes to wear because Thomas was hard to please.


After giving it much thought, she settled for a long dress red dress with a side slit.


She slipped her feet into a black heels then she tied her natural hair into a bun.


‘Zita! Be quick,’ he screamed at her.


‘I will be out in a moment,’ she answered as she applied her lip gloss to her lips. She walked out of her room to the living room to find him restlessly walking back and forth.


‘I am ready,’ she said


He turned and looked at her, his eyes roved up and down her body. ‘What’s the meaning of this?’ he asked coldly ‘Wh- what?’ she stuttered in shock.


He walked over to her and ran his hand up her thigh, ‘the slit on this dress is high it exposes your thigh,’ he shouted angrily.


‘I am sorry Master I will go and change into something more appropriate.’


‘Zita, there are parts on your body that must only be seen by me, do I make myself clear?’


‘Yes,’ she nodded


There was a smile on his face as he pulled her roughly in his arms and pressed a kiss on her lips catching a gasp against his mouth.


A minute later he let her go just as abruptly as he grabbed hold of her. ‘Go and wear something decent before you make me go mad.’ ‘Yes master,’ she hurried off


He poured himself another drink and drank it one gulp without hesitation. He couldn’t stop thinking about Mattie, it was driving him crazy, each time he kissed Zita he imagined it was her.


‘Is this okay?’ Zita asked startling him from his trance.


She was now clad in a black long sleeved dress that was flared out around the waist with a high collar.


He smiled slightly, ‘Perfect.’


They walked out of the house and got in his car.


‘Where are we going?’ She asked as he started the car.


He stared at her with an evil look and she instantly closed her eyes. The rest of the


drive was quiet.





Mattie was resting in her office after a long photo shoot session when her door flew open. She looked up, shocked to see Chard walk into her office carrying a large box of pizza. She wasn’t expecting him this afternoon. ‘Cat got your tongue?’ He asked


She gave him a warm smile, ‘I wasn’t expecting to see you this afternoon.’


‘Well here am i.’


‘How are you?’


‘I am great I thought I would surprise you with lunch.’ ‘I am starving,’ she said


He smiled as he sat down putting the box of pizza on the table.


‘How’s your day so far?’


She yawned, ‘Tiring, i was in the studio the whole morning.’ ‘I can imagine.’


She pulled back the pizza box revealing Pepperoni Pizza- her favourite kind.


‘I owe you one,’ she said as she took a slice of pizza and ate it eagerly.


Unable to contain her moan of pleasure, she closed her eyes enjoying her meal.


He watched her intently as she chewed and swallowed, a smile lighting up his face, he loved a woman who enjoyed her food.


Chard couldn’t believe he had accepted to be her friend, she was an attractive woman and this was the hardest thing he had ever done his entire life, he yearned to take her in his arms but he didn’t want to spoil what they shared, there were times when he fought his desire for her. At first he thought his feelings towards her would vanish after a week or so but it seemed to grow every passing day.


Chard enjoyed being with her though, they had a connection that no one could understand, she wasn’t moved by his money or status in life and she didn’t judge him like others did.


When Mattie opened her eyes, she found him staring at her.




‘I think you and I can make cute babies.’


She rolled her eyes, ‘Forgive him father for he does not know what he is saying.’ Chard laughed.


‘Imagine a child who’s a combination of Trinity and Theo.’ She grabbed another slice, ‘Theo take after his mother.’ ‘It’s just the colour.’


Devouring her pizza she said, ‘I am not falling for that.’


‘You think I am ugly?’


‘It’s a trap,’ she laughed


‘What’s a trap?’


‘The question you just asked.’


‘Just answer.’


‘You are not bad looking.’


He smiled, ‘Lord your daughter thinks I am attractive,’ he said She hit him playfully, ‘That’s not what I said.’


‘You said I am not bad looking meaning I am good looking and that’s the same as you being attracted to me.’


‘Chard let me enjoy my food in peace.’


‘Fine,’ he laughed


‘Aren’t you eating?’


He grabbed a slice, ‘You distracted me.’


‘See your life.’


They continued talking and laughing as they ate their food till they were disturbed by Mattie’s office phone.




‘It’s Gracie,’ she cut her short.




‘There is a lady here to see you.’


‘Okay will be out in a bit.’




‘Duty calls,’ she said.


‘Are you kicking me out?’




He frowned


She cleared her table and cleaned it.


‘Thanks for lunch,’ she said taking one long sip of her juice.


‘You are welcome.’


He stood up and held her hand she smiled as she walked him out of the office.


‘I will see you later,’ he said, they were standing at the reception.




He leaned down and pressed a kiss to her lips, she gasped.


‘Bye,’ he smiled before walking away.


‘OMG!’ Gracie exclaimed


She frowned, ‘None of your business Gracie.’


‘You owe me.’


‘Ah please.’



The lady who was sitting on the visitor’s couch cleared her throat so she could be noticed.


‘You have a visitor,’ Gracie hit Mattie.


‘Hey,’ Mattie smiled




‘Please come through to my office.’


She stood up and followed as Mattie led the way, once in her office she closed the door and asked her to sit.


‘So,’ they both said at the same time


‘You go first,’ Mattie said


‘That’s a handsome husband you have,’ she said ‘Pardon!’ Mattie looked at her.


‘Your husband, the man you were just seeing off.’


Mattie smiled, ‘Oh. Thank you,’ she responded, she didn’t think it was necessary to explain to the stranger that Chard wasn’t her husband.






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