Fri. May 10th, 2024

Alex’s POV

‘I’m going to pick up Roy,’ I told Cindy picking my car keys.

‘You are going with him somewhere?’

‘I have been called that Roy needs to shoot tomorrow,’ I said a d started walking out.

‘Take care,’ she shouted from behind but I didn’t answer.

I have the best wife on earth. She is so loving, kind and caring. I don’t have more to ask from God than her. If given another life, I will choose her again and again.

I got to Karen’s house and everywhere was silent. It’s only 7:30pm and they don’t sleep at this time. I got in and I didn’t need a prophet to tell me this man is his dad.

‘Uncle,’ Roy shouted running to me.

‘I hope I didn’t interfere with anything,’ I said picking him up.

‘He is my dad who left us,’ Roy said sounding irritated.

‘But he had his reasons and he is back, right?’

He just nodded.

‘We have a shooting tomorrow, are you going?’ I asked and he nodded almost immediately.

‘Let me leave,’ I suggested.

‘We were supposed to go for a movie tonight,’

‘Let’s do it tomorrow, but today you need to talk to your dad,’ I said putting him down.

I shook hand with Martin before walking out. I understand him and I hope Roy forgives him. That boy was raised differently and doesn’t change his mind easily unless his mother convinces him. He has his own principalities and attitudes.

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