Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Karen’s POV

I think its time I tell the truth.

‘Damn it! Can’t you speak?’ Alex yelled and hit his hand on the table standing up. I flinched in fear. Cindy looked up to him and caressed his hand that was on the table. He sat down slowly.

‘Am sorry I had to do that to you. Hope you will find a place in your heart to forgive me,’ I said fighting the tears that were threatening to fall.


We were seated on the table having dinner two days to your wedding. The plan was I come and cancel the wedding but on a second thought it wouldn’t have worked.

‘I have a second plan,’ my mom said.

‘What is it?’ I asked curiously.

‘I will take you tomorrow. The witch doctor will work on you,’ she said with a smile.

She was assured it will work. We went late at night. I couldn’t tell where we were due to the darkness. After all the rituals we came back the next day at night. That’s was why I looked like Cindy,’ I concluded.

I could see shock in their eyes.

Alex’s POV

I can’t believe my ears. Why could they do to me?

‘Am sorry Alex,’ she said pleadingly.

I wanted to hit her, but I control my anger because of Cindy’s touch.

‘Am sorry Cindy for making you loose your baby,’

‘I lost my baby not my womb. I forgave you,’ Cindy said.

Can someone pinch me to know if am dreaming.

This girl must be crazy.

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