Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Eva’s POV cont.

I know I will die but I wish wherever Karen is she is safe. My body was freezing and I couldn’t move my legs because they were numb. The door finally opened revealing the man that was here earlier with Andrew. He removed my legs from the ice but I was still freezing.

‘So where is she?’ He asked with an evil grin.

‘I don’t know where she is,’ I replied.

‘Who do you think you are fooling? What kind of mother are you, who doesn’t know where her daughter is?’ He asked angrily. His words struck my heart.

Am a wicked mother who can sell her daughter just because of money.

I stared at him as tears rolled down my cheeks freely.

Andrew’s POV

‘Has she spoken?’ I asked Hardy my loyal servant.

‘She still says, she isn’t aware. But boss I think she is telling the truth,’ he answered.

‘You don’t know that woman, she is cunning,’ I said.

That woman is cunning and wicked. I’m even better than her. I can’t believe her, I will do everything to get information from her. I would have killed her, but I still need her. In case Karen reports me to the police she will help me since she is known by the government.

‘Give her food and treat her well, I’ll think of a plan,’ I said and went upstairs.

I freshened up and went to check out her properties am sure I will get information.

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