Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

Alex’s POV

‘Cindy, have you gone crazy?’ I asked shocked.

‘No, we can just make another baby, right?’ She asked with those eyes you can’t say no to.

‘Thank you for forgiving me,’ Karen said.

‘I think I need fresh air,’ I said and left.

She trusts everyone that’s why she is prone to hurt. I went outside to think. I don’t know if I forgive I will be able to forget.

Karen’s POV

I know it will be hard for him to forgive but I will keep asking for forgiveness until he finally forgives me. He left the table really angry but Cindy followed him after a while. Myve has been silent since Cindy started talking. Though she doesn’t talk much I hope she isn’t thinking of throwing me out. I don’t have anywhere to go.

‘I won’t chase you out,’ she said as if she had been reading my mind.

I nodded slowly.

‘Its nothing, I just thought that would be your thinking,’ she said smiling.

Alex’s POV

I lifted my eyes to see Cindy seated beside me.

‘Just forgive her, it was mum’s idea not hers?’ She pleaded.

‘I will try,’

‘Thank you,’ she said smiling.

Karen’s POV

‘Let’s go to bed and give them time,’ Myve suggested.

It was a good idea, so I stood and went to bed. I tried to sleep but couldn’t. I want peace with my sister. She has helped me and showed me love again. I wish I can make up for everything I did to her. She said if I succeed I would have made up to her. I’m working hard to achieve that. After some time of being awake I fell asleep.

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