Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

He helped her but she refused his offer of talking her home. They agreed to be meeting at the market at 5:00pm as that was the time she used to go to the market. There secret love grew as one thing led to the other. Everything was going on well until one day Karen saw them while in her car and reported it to her mother. Life was living hell for her but she hold onto the fact that they were her family and hoped that one day everything will change. She couldn’t keep it a secret anymore and the hate mother and daughter had for her grew. They did everything to separate them but they were inseparable. When he saw the suffering was to much he decided to marry and get her out of that hell. They were both happy that they will be together forever.

One week to the wedding the mother visited a witch who did some witchcraft to confuse him and it worked though with conditions.

He wasn’t supposed to see his real bride until after making love to the fake one and other no circumstance were they supposed to tell the truth. Unfortunately the plan didn’t work.

End of flashback.

Alex’s POV

‘I lost my baby because of them,’ he said in pain. His head facing done not realizing Cindy was in pains. The light scream she made shocked him.

‘What is it?’ He asked worried.

‘My head,’ she replied.

He drove speedingly to the hospital.

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