Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Andrew’s POV

So where is this idiot?

I have gone through the whole house but she is not here. Even the maids haven’t seen her. If I lay my hands on her, she will regret being born.

Karen’s POV

My time with Cindy was the best and after talking to her I felt so light. It was like a heavy burden lifted down.

‘You can’t go home, I guess you wouldn’t have peace,’ Cindy said.

‘I was thinking I go back with her. This country isn’t safe for her again,’ Myve said.

‘When are you travelling?’ Cindy asked.


‘Are you okay, you go with her?’ Cindy asked facing me.

‘It’s okay with me,’ I said.

We drove to Cindy’s home, to get some clothes. As we got down the car in her house I saw Alex. He gave me an angry stare as he walked towards us.

‘What is she doing here?’ He asked angrily.

I understand him; after all I did to him I don’t, depriving him of his happiness, I don’t deserve his forgiveness.

‘Relax baby boy, she’s my sister,’ Cindy said with a smile.

‘I don’t care what you lied to her, but it won’t work with me,’ he said and left.

‘Don’t mind him. He is just overprotective,’ Cindy said.

I nodded and we walked inside.




As the aeroplane was taking of, I closed my eyes and thanked God. I saw a glimpse of light in my dark life. After all the pain and frustrations I had gone through, I was leaving everything behind. After a long trip we got to New York.

‘Good bye to all my problems and welcome to another world, a chance to start over again,’ I thought to myself. A car was already waiting for us. We got in as the driver handled the bags. I looked through the window and admired the beautiful town. It has been long I felt some peace, to admire the good things around me.

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