Wed. May 29th, 2024

‘That’s a good Idea and you have our full support,’ Mr Steve said and she couldn’t help but smile.

‘Thank you all,’ she said happily.

Alex’s POV

She was so happy after the approval and she smiled the whole day.

These few weeks have been tiresome. Finally we are through and tomorrow is the launching of the organization.

Karen’s POV

‘I need all those clothes clean,’ he shouted and threw the dirty clothes on me.

‘Am not feeling fine, I will wash later,’ I pleaded.

‘Your health is none of my business,’ he barked at me.

His voice alone made me shiver.

‘Please I need to go to the hospital,’ I said with a cracked voice.

‘Do you know how much I send to your mother daily and you want to add to my budget with your frequent visits to the hospital, huh?’ He asked angrily.

I couldn’t find words to talk.

The doctor said I have a complicated pregnancy and I need rest and care.

‘Get your stupid self out of my bed and wash my clothes. I will use the white t-shirts in three hours,’ he said and opened the door. I was weak, my legs were shaking but I had to do it to avoid beatings.

Is this marriage or mom sold me to be a slave?

There is a washing machine but I can’t use. With all the maids I still do almost everything.

Why is life so unfair? Or maybe am paying for all the bad things we did to Cindy and her mom? I took more time to wash than what I always use and went to get something to eat.

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