Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

Karen’s POV cont.

We were led by the receptionist to a private room upstairs and that Andrew was sifted there busy on his phone. He looked so ugly, with big red eyes and a very cold face.

‘She is here,’ mom said and he looked up.

‘She is beautiful,’ he said after interrogating me with his eyes.

‘How old is the pregnancy?’ He asked directing his gaze to me.

‘One and half months,’ mom said.

‘She can keep it, if she likes,’ he said and stood up.

I felt a little happy. I couldn’t imagine the guilt of killing my own child.

‘I have paid, so order anything you want. I will send someone to pick her up at 10:00 in the morning,’ he said and left.

Mom called the waiter and ordered almost everything, while I ordered a glass of passion juice. I wasn’t hungry. I have enough things to deal with and hunger will be my last.

‘This is the benefit of having money. You enjoy life. Don’t loose him to,’ she kept on talking and talking but I didn’t hear everything.

Alex’s POV

This is the second time am going through the proposal and I can say its quite impressive.

‘It’s perfect and am approving it,’ I said.

‘Thanks,’ she said smiling.

‘I didn’t know you could write something like this,’

‘I lost my memory not my brain,’ she said faking anger.

I know when she is genuinely angry and when she is faking it.

‘Am sorry,’ I said and she folded her arms on the chest.

I waited for her to reply but she didn’t.

‘Let me take you for lunch to apologize,’

‘Okay,’ she said with a smile.

‘We have a dinner meeting tomorrow to finalize a contract and you will come with me,’

‘No problem,’ she said and left.

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