Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Karen’s POV

‘But this baby is innocent, I can’t terminate it,’ I pleaded with her.

‘I will try to talk to him, if he doesn’t want the child, you remove,’ she said with an expressionless face.

She picked the car keys and left. I was left seated on the floor. I miss Cindy, even though I hated her she showed me love and right now I need someone who can hear me out, give me space to scream and let go of the pain am going through. All mom does is to get money from me, regardless of how I feel.



I fell asleep on the floor and mom’s voice woke me up.

‘Go and freshen up you are going to meet him and you will go to his house tomorrow. You need to look beautiful,’ she said more like a command.

‘Mum I just left Michael yesterday, I can’t get married that fast,’ I complained.

‘Who are you to tell me what to do yet you couldn’t keep Alex. After all the money I spent for you to have him. Andrew has promised a lot of money and half is already in my account. Now get up and spare me your drama,’ she said.

‘You only care about money,’ I thought.

I received a hot slap that made me realize I had said audibly.

I stood angrily and went to my room.




The drive to the hotel was silent as I stared through the window. The car halted in front of the hotel and I came down without being told.

‘Make sure you smile and don’t you dare embarrass me,’ she whispered with a smile.

If I only I new I will be coming to such a woman, I bet I wouldn’t come on this world.

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