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For the next three months, Anne didn’t leave Deville’s mansion alone,he went with her almost everywhere,even when Uncle Charlie called for a family dinner and Jeremy’s homecoming,Deville was in tow and that irritated her a lot.

“Deville, I’m going out tonight.” He arched an eyebrow,kept the book he was holding and raised his head up to her from where he was sitting,

“To where?”He asked her,she took a deep breath,

” I met a couple of friends from college and we decided to have a….you know what I mean.”his glare became cold,

“Know what?” He asked his voice loud,

“We want to have a reunion party….like a hangout.” She explained quite irritated at his silly questions and ignorance.He stood up and came closer to her,

“Well,you can’t go.”She widened her eyes at his statement,


“Cause I said so.” He’s trying to annoy her,he packed his books and turned to leave,

“And who are to tell me what to or where to go and where not to?” She asked him angrily,he turned to her,

“I’m your boss.” His lip curved to a sly smile when he said it,she found that rude and abrasive.

“Deville you are not my boss okay,you’re just a dying patient I have to bear a child for to save his poor ass from dying,there’s nothing more than that.” She yelled at him,left him and went upstairs to her room slamming the door behind her.

“There’s more to that,Anne Pearl McKenzie, a whole lot more to that.” He said aloud to himself,her words hurting him.

Around ten pm,Anne got dressed for the party, she was determined to go and will do it.She wore a black long gown,open at the back to a near waist level,a slit at the front,from the bottom to her thigh.She wore a black heel to match,light makeover and packed her hair in a messy bun,she checked herself in the mirror and smiled,

“Anne,you look break taking.” She smiled,picked her purse and left the room.When she came downstairs, the light was out,it was a creepy sight cause she’s scared of the dark but she was hell bent on going,so she shove her fear aside and walked to the door,

“And where do you think you’re going to?” She stopped in track,turned and saw Deville sitting on the couch with brandy in his hand.He stood up from the couch and staggered to where she was standing,she shuddered with fear as he came closer to her,

“Deville…l..uh…I..” She stammered, he ran his hand through her hair and untied the bun,

“You want to go out with your friends, or a guy wearing this.” He trailed his hands to her gown,she kept mute.

“You want to defile my order?” He asked her,he smells of brandy,so she wanted to move back but he placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Deville please let me go,I’m not going put with a guy.” She cried,his hand ran to her cleavage,

“You want to defile me?” He said louder, cold shiver ran down her spine,

“Now,I’ll show you the consequences of defiling my order,” he said coldly.

“You’ll see my wrath.”she wanted to say something but he put his index finger on her lips,trailed it to her chest and down to her upper br**st which was almost visible on her black gown.

” Deville…I…”she stammered, he grabbed Ber hand and dragged her with him,she was scared of why he might do to her,

“Deville please.” She cried,

“Deville please let go,you’re hurting me.” He dragged her upstair to his room and locked the door behind him.

“Deville, I’m sorry please don’t hurt me,she said crying but he wasn’t paying attention to her, he pushed her on the bed and got on the bed too,

” Deville please stop,let’s talk this…”he placed his hands on her lips,

“Deville,have mercy on me.”

“Shuush.” He shut her up with his kiss,she shook her body vigorously as he kissed her roughly,not giving her air to breath in.She tried to push him off her but he was bigger and stronger, he kissed her with passion but on anger,anger that she tried to go out when he said she shouldn’t go,anger that she has no feelings for him after staying with him for three months, anger that she consider him a dying patient that needs her help not to die.The kisses trailed to her neck,so she gulped for air,

“Deville,please stop,pleas don’t do this.” She cried loudly,so someone could come to her rescue but no one did,Deville controls the affair of the house and no one has right to talk him out of his decisions. He tore her gown with one pull,leaving her in her panties,he went for her moist with sweat br**st,

“Please stop,don’t do this.” She struggled free but to no avail,he was stronger than her.He sucked her br**st then kissed her to her navel,she continued crying and wriggling but he held her down,her cry didn’t make him stop, it turned him on the more.He tore everything made of fabric she was putting on including her under pant,

“Anne,you’re so beautiful, very beautiful.” He muttered to her hearing and bent his head to her V-section,he kissed her there,then he started tickling her there,she moaned.Having licking her well enough,he brought out his d**k and forced himself into her not bothering to use his fingers first and she cried loudly, he thruster with all his strength and she cried cause he was big and she was tight and small,she was in pains but Deville in his selfishness didn’t consider that,all he though of was fulfilling his lust desires.

“Deville please stop.” She cries weakly but he continued thrusting harder and deeper and she was loosing consciousness, he didn’t mind that, rather he kept doing it till he finally came and collapsed by her side.She cried for over ten minutes before she gathered the little strength in her, stood up and staggered out of Deville’s room,she was badly bruised and her whole body was in pain,she cried her way to her room.She got off the remaining pieces of her shredded clothes and staggered to the bathroom,she got under the shower, staying in the tub was a bad idea,she stood there and allowed the running water wash away her pain but it didn’t,so she got out,went to her room and got into a free gown,she brought out her luggage out and gathered all her stuffs,

“Thank goodness,I didn’t bring out much of my clothes.” She packed all her clothes,leaving the ones Deville got for her and throdded downstairs,thanks to the sleeping security man,she took the key opened the door and left,throwing the key back inside and left,it was around one am in the morning,she dragged her luggage with her and walked put of the estate and out of Deville’s life forever.

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