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“I said I burnt myself accidentally,” she stood up to leave but he held her back,

“Frank,please let me go.” He didn’t leave her,

“Anne tell me what I’m thinking is not the truth?”

“Frank,I don’t care about what you are thinking of,just let me go.” She cried,

“Let her go this instant or else you don’t have a plan of using those miserable hands of your in the future.” Someone said from behind Frank,Anne raised her head up and her eyes met with Deville angry eyes,he was standing in her porch with arms in akimbo.

“Who do you think you are to get yourself involved in mine and my fiancé’s conversation?” Frank asked rudely as he turned to see the man standing behind him,Anne got scared and nervous,These two are gonna created a scene here.She turned to Frank,he was still holding her hand,

“Frank please let go of me.” She wriggled her hands from his grip,

“Leave her hands now.” Deville ordered,Frank looked at him and smirked,Anne got her hands free from his and ran far from him,she stood near to Deville.

“Anne,get into the car now.” He ordered in a baritone voice,Anne trembled at his voice and ran to his car,she got inside and closed the door.

“I’m gonna give you a final warning,stay away from Anne.” Deville turned to leave but Frank made the worst mistake of his life and punch him,Deville turned and slapped him,his slap made Frank fell to the ground.He wiped his nose and saw blood on his palms,

“You bastard,you can’t take my fiancé from me,Anne! Anne!” Frank cried from the floor,Deville turned and left him there.

“I’m coming for you,I’m gonna get back at you!” Frank yelled louder,Deville got into his car and drove home with Anne.

When they got home,Anne rushed out of the car and ran inside,Deville stopped the car halfway the garage,

“Javi,park this car.” He threw the key to him and rushed after Anne, she WS running upstairs when he came inside,

“Anne! Come back here.” She halted at his voice but didn’t turn,

“Anne,get back here.” He said again,she turned and slowly walked down the stairs and stood almost three feet from him,he came to her,

“How dare you leave my house without my permission?” He asked,she shivered but didn’t answer him.

“And was that the painkiller you went to get?” He asked again,she didn’t answer and it sent him nuts,he took her hands.

“Deville,please let go,you’re hurting me.” She cried,he frowned,

“This should be the last time you leave this house without my permission.” He still held her hands but not as tight as before,she sniffles.He raised her head up.Holy f**k! She’s crying,he let her go,she ran up to her room and slammed the door behind her.Deville ran up with her,

“Anne,I’m sorry I yelled at you.” He pleaded at her door,she closed the door so no one could come in.

“Anne,I’m sorry.” She didn’t open the door or came out.Deville pleaded for long before he left to his room but Anne didn’t come out,she didn’t the whole day and didn’t take the food Millie brought for her.

“Has she opened the door?” Deville asked Millie as he came down the next morning,

“I don’t think so,” Millie responded still preparing breakfast.


“Hasn’t Renée been here today?” He interrupted her,Millie shook her head,

“She called this morning,said she had an emergency with her son and she would be late for work today.” Millie reported to him about his house cleaner, he nodded and went upstairs.

“Anne,are you in there?” He asked,his instinct told him to twitch the knob and he did,the door opened and he went inside.Anne was lying by the side of the bed when he came in,he went to her and carried her to the bed,that woke her up cause she stirred and turned to him.

“Anne,I’m sorry for what happened yesterday.” He pleaded again,she didn’t react to his plea.He took the phone by the side and called Millie,

“Get Anne something to ear.” He kept the phone and turned to her,

“Annie,I’m so sorry I yelled at you.” He pleaded,Millie brought her breakfast not long later,she only took her cup of coffee and left the rest untouched.

“Don’t you like the food?” Deville asked when he saw she didn’t touch the scrambled egg.

“Millie,prepare something else for her.” He told Millie,who frowned immediately.

“I don’t want anything.” She finally spoke,she hadn’t spoken a word since she woke up.

“I’m okay with the coffee,” she said,

“You sure?” He asked trying to be sure of what she wants,she continued sipping her coffee while he stare.

I need to do something to make her happy.”he said to himself,

“Let’s go out for shopping.” She looked at him,he smiled,

“Let’s go out.” He chipped in,she just nodded.

When I’m done,I’ll be downstairs waiting for you.”He stood up and left, she stood up from the bed and went to the bathroom but didn’t come out.

“Aren’t you done yet?” Deville’s voice was heard from her door,she wasn’t out from the bathroom.He knocked several times but no response then he opened the door and came in,

“Anne,aren’t you ready?” She mumbled something from the bathroom and he went downstairs to wait for her. She came out of the bathroom, got dressed in a pink floral mini gown,wore her sandals and packed her hair in a ponytail, she wore no makeup.Instead of going downstairs to meet Deville, she slumped on the bed and laid there,Deville having waited for almost an hour but don’t see her descending the stairs,he called her.

“Deville,I don’t think I want to go shopping today,let’s leave it another day,” he sighed,

“Anne,come down now.”he hung up,she sluggishly stood up from the bed and went downstairs expecting him to yell at her but he didn’t rather he couldn’t take his gaze off her,

” Deville, let’s go.”that brought him back to his senses,

“Yeah,let’s go.” He was hypnotised by her beauty and simplicity,they wen to his car and drove to the shopping mall.

Anne didn’t say anything or chose anything she at the mall,Deville.did the talking and he selected many expensive clothes and shoes for her.

“Anne do you like this one?” He brought out a black shoe with flat butt,she looked at the shoe then to him and nodded,since Anne wasn’t helping him out,he bought what he felt she would like.

“Anne,don’t you like it here,we can go some where else if you want to.” He told her when they came out from the bag’s section,

“Never mind.” She smiled thinly her lip was pale,she carried one of the bags while he held the rest.

“I’m damn hungry,let’s go grab something to eat.” Deville said to her,she nodded.They paid for what the bought while Deville kept the bags in the car,he took Anne to the restaurant nearby and they ordered for snacks (its no use eating out when Millie is preparing lunch at home.)

They were still eating when Anne saw someone she knew,immediately he saw her she his her face,

“What’s Anne doing here with Deville Salvador?” Justin asked himself,he’s Franks closest friend and he knows that his friend is getting married to Anne but what he doesn’t know is the latest development in Anne’s and Frank’s relationship. He called Frank,

“Hey dude,how are you?” He asked when Frank picked his call,

“I’m fine just trying to set up some issues here.So you’d finally remember me?” Frank asked him,he laughed at him.

“Well that should be for later,I’m at the restaurant near the shopping mall and guess who I saw?”

“Help me out, I’m not a good guesser.” Frank said and Justin sighed,

“I saw your fiancé,Anne and Deville Salvador having snacks together.” Justin spilled and his friend gasped,


“Yeah,Anne is looking kinda pale but what I saw in Deville’s eyes is something you shouldn’t be lying around for.”

“Okay,Justin do me a favor, stay there and watch them till I come.”Frank rushed to his car and drove to the restaurant Justin told him about.

When he got there,he didn’t see Anne neither did he see Justin,he called Justin.

” Dude,I’m at the restaurant now but I can’t find you anywhere, ”

“I’m tailing Deville,wanna know where he’s taking Anne to.I’ll meet you at the club tonight.” He hung up

5⃣ minutes earlier

“Deville,please take me home.” Anne said to Deville when she saw Justin calling someone, her instincts told her he’s calling Frank and Frank coming here is gonna created a scene,so she decided to leave with Deville before he get there.

“What’s the problem?” Deville asked her with his mouth filled,

“Nothing,just take me home.” She said,he arched an eyebrow.

“We aren’t done here.” She stood up,

“Then I’ll take a cab home cause I’m done here.” She picked her purse and left the table.Deville stood up and went after her,

“let’s go home,can’t risk you being in the cab.”They walked to the car,got inside and drove off,Justin got into his car and followed them.

5⃣ minutes later.

Justin followed them till they drove into Seville’s mansion,he parked opposite the mansion to get a clearer view of what going on.Anne got out of the car and walked in while Deville called Millie and Renée to get the bags inside to Anne’s room,

” Sir,Doctor Williams is here to see you,he’s in the living room.”Millie informed Deville,he nodded and walked inside,

“Anne,how are you?” Doctor Williams asked her as she walked inside,she walked up to him.

“I’m fine Sir, good to see you.” She smiled,they hugged,

“I came to check on Deville,since e couldn’t cone to see me.the doctor said jokingly, she smiled and turned to leave but he called her back.

Anne,are you okay?” She turned to him,

“Yes,I’m perfectly fine just tired.” Deville gave RR a are an she returned it with a weary smile and left them.

“I got myself into this mess,I should have listened to Frank,forget what happened and we continue our relationship but I’ve stupidly accepted his silly contract and now this.” She complained to herself,got into her room and slumped on the bed.

“Will,” Deville called his friend,they greeted with a handshake,

“Dev,how are you?” Williams asked him,they sat down,

“Well,I’m not dead yet thanks to Anne.” He smiled,

“I came to check on how things are going, you know.” Deville smiled

“Well,I’m doing fine and those pills are really helping me.” He replied,

“Let me get you something.” Deville offered but his friend objected,

“I have an appointment in the next ten minutes,maybe next time.” Deville half smiled and half frown,

“Has your dog put to bed or is Natty in trouble?” Williams smiled at his friend questions,

“No,its a business meeting and stop calling my boy Natty.” He slapped Deville shoulder,

“Okay I won’t call him that again.” He was still laughing hard,Williams shook his head,

“Don’t worry,very soon your child will come and I’ll give him a weird girlish name.” He stood up.Deville,though still laughing stood up and they walked to the door,

“Okay Will, thanks for the visit.” He thanked his friend,

“Its no big deal,I might be coming with Tim and Jake when next I come.” Deville smiled,

“That will been really long I saw them.” They said their pleasantries and Williams left and Deville went upstairs not to his room but to Anne’s. All this while,Justin was outside watching and surveying the whole place,he left shortly after the doctor did.

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