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“Frank how could you do this?” Charles asked Frank,Frank turned to Renato,

“Please,I’m sorry for everything I did to you back them but please don’t kill me or him,” he was referring to Charles,

“No no,I won’t kill you, I will just hand you over to the cops but before that…” Renato brought out a pen knife from his pocket,

“You see this knife?” Frank swallowed hard and nodded,

“I’ve been saving it for you for the past twelve years now and now I think it has its use today cause I’ve finally met you after all this long years of waiting.” Frank was terrified at the sight of the knife, it look like it has never been used before,

“You’re right,this knife haven’t been used on anyone before,see this ,” Renato showed Frank the tip of the knife,there’s an inscription on it,F.

“Do you know what this means?” He asked Frank,Charles was scared too,

“Deville told us you have a female partner,who’s she?” Renato asked him,

????????Flashback to some minutes ago????????

“Deville, I have something to tell you.” Jake said when they finally got to the airport,

“Save your breath man,you’re badly wounded,” Deville said to him but Jake held him,

“Its important you know this before anyone does,” Jake said,Tim came inside the car,

“What is it?” Deville asked,

“I think someone from your house is involved in all this.” Jake said and coughed,

“Bro,take a break,let me take it from here.” Tim said,knowing what Jake wants to talk about,Deville was speechless,

“Yes it true Dev,someone from your house is the mastermind on all this.” Tim added,

“How do you know?” Deville asked them,unsure whether to believe it or not to,

“I don’t know who that is but I believe its a lady.”

Lady,which lady in his house would want to hurt Anne?Deville asked himself,

“Fred told us a lady called him the day his family got kidnapped, the voice was familiar but he couldn’t place it and seeing it by the other way,how else would Charles and Frank found out that you and Anne are about to get married if something from inside didn’t tell them?” Tim said,it make sense to Deville now,he hadn’t announced his wedding to the press’s,so how did Charles and Frank found out about it? He was shocked,who else would be behind this,

Cheryl? No,it couldn’t be her,Cheryl loves Anne and wouldn’t do anything to hurt her,

Who else? Marisa ? Renée ? Millie? He’s so confused,it should be between those three,they are the only suspect he got and……..

“If the person if in my house then the same person must have added those Thorazine to Pearl’s food cause she wanted me to cancel the trip to Mexico.” Deville said,Tim nodded

“Who prepares the food?” Jake asked,

“Millie does prepare the food,would she have done that?” Deville asked no one in particular,

“We need to find out through on way,” Tim said,Deville and Jake looked at him,

“Renato!” He called Archie most trusted men,Renato came running to him,

“Yes,” He got into the car with them,

“When you guys get to Charles and Frank,try talking them to tell you who their other partner is,make them tell you who she is,Fred said its a woman.” Renato nodded,

“Don’t worry sir,I’m at your service.” He said and climbed down,once they get a call from Archie,they would start heading to the place prior to Archie’s direction.

“Now we’ll have to see who that backstabber is.” Deville said to the rest as he clutched Anne close to himself.

???????????? ????End of flashback????????????????

“She’s the cook at Deville’s house,she unformed us of the on going wedding plan between Anne and Deville.” Charles blurted,

“Yes,she’s the one.” Frank added so Renato can have pity on him,

“Okay,thanks for that great clue,let’s come back to us.” He touched his chest and pointed Frank,

“Now your going to feel the pain I felt as a young boy when you dug that knife into my skin to tattoo your name.” He ripped Frank’s shirt open and brought the knife to his bare chest,

“Renato please don’t do this,please don’t.” Frank cried,Charles pleaded with Renato too,

“Please don’t hurt him please.” Renato wasn’t listening to them,their please fell on deaf ears

“Well sorry,you brought this upon yourself.” Renato dug the knife into Frank chest,

“Arrgh!” Frank yelled and the knife kissed his inner body,

“Its excruciating right?” Charles found himself nodding instead of Frank,Renato drew the knife out and pierced it again,drawing and R on Franks bare chest with the knife,

“It will hurt for awhile but it pain would subside very soon.” He said smiling evilly, then threw the knife on the floor,

“Its useless now, I’ve been keeping it for you for long now and now it has met you,I have no need for it again.” Renato said as he threw the knife away and cleaned his hand that was stained with Frank’s blood.

“It hurts! Its hurting me.” Frank cried,Renato walked to the door,

“The police would be here soon to take you to the pits with them,I’ve would have love to kill you myself but you’re lucky The Man and Deville won’t let me do that.” Renato spat in disgust as he left them.

Not long later,they were all back in Archie’s ranch,it’s night already,

“Guys I want to thank you all for your help,you guys have dome a lot for me,I’m so….” Archie cut him short,

“Hey dude,stop that shit,we’re all brothers remember that and brothers are family and family…”

“Is all we gat.” They said in unison and laughed,

“So what did the doctor said about Anne?” Archie turned to William, obviously referring to him,

“Well,they gave her something to cause her fall into that state she is but……” He looked at everyone and smiled,

“She and the baby are perfectly fine.” Deville was super happy,he never wished for any other news as great as this,

“So..the best thing now is take her back and keep her on bed rest till she gets well and you man,” he pointed to Deville,

“Make sure she get enough rest cause it will help the drugs I administered to her.” Deville nodded and went to hug William,

“Stop it dude,we aren’t ladies.” He admonished,

“But dog pile can do.” Archie jumped on the both of them,Tim did and Jake walked to them,

“My left arm is wounded but……that won’t stop me.” He jumped on the rest of the guys,

“Deville!” Anne called from Deville’s guest room,he stood up from the pile and rushed there with the others in tow,

“Anne.” Deville rushed to her,

“Charles,Frank.” She said to him in a belabored breathe,

“Anne calm down,” Deville climbed in the bed and held her while the rest stayed and watch them,

“Calm Anne,we’ve handled them and you’re safe now.” He said to her,she rested on his chest then looked up to him,

“Anne,these are my friends,Archie, Tim,Jake and you know that one over there ” He said referring William,.She smiled at them too weak to say hello,

“Don’t worry,get some rest.” He said to her,she lay back on the bed,then he covered her with the duvet.

“Dude,you’re so lucky,you have Anne and this little love life of yours,I’m jealous dude,I swear I am.” Archie said to Deville as they left the room,

“I’m really lucky dude,thanks to William here.” He pointed to William, he smiled,

“He was the one that brought Anne to me some years ago and I’m still grateful for that.” Deville said to his friends.

“Guys what about Millie?” Tim asked,

“She must be happy now that her plan has worked out,but she’s yet to see what I have in store for her.” Deville said,

“She’s really gonna pay for hurting Anne and Pearl for me.” He added

“Let’s drink to our new victory and the reunion of our friend and best brother Deville and his lost but found love Anne.” Jake said while Renato poured the wine into their glasses for them,

“Cheers.” They said in unison and clinked their glasses.

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