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When Deville went home,he ran straight to Pearl’s room,everyone was there and they look worried,Mrs Phina was holding Pearl whose eyes were shut,he rushed to her bed and sat beside her,

“Sunshine,what happened?” He carried her up and placed her head on his chest,

“Deville,we don’t know,the only thing was she just started throwing up and the next thing was blood from her nostrils.” Deville was a hell of shock when he heard what happened to his daughter,

“Have you called for emergency?” He asked,

“Yes,but we’re yet to see them.” Cheryl answered carrying Ace.Deville’s glared turned to Millie,

“What happened?” Millie was shocked at Deville’s suspicion towards her,

“Sir…I….” He kept Pearl on the bed and walked toward Millie,

“You prepared the food,so what happened?” Millie was now shedding tears,

“Deville, this isn’t time to throw blames,let’s get Pearl to the doctor since he isn’t here yet.” Mrs Phina said,Deville moved from Millie with anger and went back to Pearl.

“Sir, the doctor is here.” Marisa said,everyone turned and saw the elderly doctor walk into the room,

“Good day Sir,” Deville greeted the doctor and cleared space for him to check what’s happening to Pearl,

“You have to excuse us please,she needs fresh air.” The doctor said to them,everyone left except Deville and his mom,

“Sir I said you should all leave the…”

“Treat her in my presence,its just the two of us and she’s my daughter.” The doctor sighed in frustration,

“Okay sir.” He turned to Pearl and did some diagnosis on her.

“Mom,why didn’t you call Williams?”He asked his mom,she shrugged,

“I called at the hospital but he wasn’t in and his cell phone wasn’t going through.” She told him,Deville sighed and massaged his forehead slightly,

“Any news on Anne?” His mom asked,he shook his head,

“I’m confused,Charles isn’t in and the only clue we have isn’t pointing to him,” he sighed, Mrs Phina placed her hands on his shoulder,

“So what do you intend to do now?” She asked him,

“I’ve asked Jake to call Archie, remember him?” Mrs Phina nodded,she knows all of Deville’s friends and Archie had been her least favorite.Her countenance changed,

“Why? For what?” She asked,Last she heard of Archie,he was a drug Lord in Mexico, why would Deville want to meet up with him?

“Mom,Jake told me about a device that can access the fingerprints on that cufflink, but the problem is that the device is in Mexico,” she nodded,dreading where all this is going to land.

“Mom,” Deville held her hands,

“Archie is the only connection I have in Mexico that can help me trace God’s Eye,”He added,she wasn’t buying that.Not that she hates Archie,no far from that,she regards the five boys as the children she never had but Archie’s business,his way of living and his mode of operation is what keep her a hundred from him,but Deville isn’t seeing that,for Deville his friends are the brothers he never had.

” Do you think this is a good idea,you can meet some of your contacts, your business…. “He frowned,

” Mom this isn’t business, Archie is the only solution to whomever the kidnapper is.”

“Mr Salvador,” Deville and his mom turned to the doctor,

“Your daughter need to be taken to a paediatrician,she needs to be admitted and given proper treatment.” Deville was not happy,he had Anne to look for now Pearl is sick,he can’t postpone his trip to Mexico.

“I’ll call the hospital now to come and get her.”

“But doctor, what’s wrong with her?” Deville asked,

“Mr Salvador, she has an overdosed Aspirin in her system.” He announced,Deville and his mom were shocked,

“How come?” Mrs Phina muttered still in shock of how Pearl got hold of Aspirin,

“That I’m surprised too,how a six year old child got Aspirin in her system,an overdosed one to be precised.” The doctor said,he removed his glasses,he breathed on it,clean it with his handkerchief and put it back on,

“So,doctor what do we do now?” Deville asked death worried,

“Like I said,she’ll be admitted in my hospital and undergo proper treatment, lucky enough for her,the aspirin hasn’t done much damage to her system.” He said to them,Deville turned to his mom,he felt angry and disappointed that his daughter got drugged even when she was under adult surveillance,

“Okay.” He said to the doctor and went to Pearl whose eyes was shut,

The doctor brought out his phone and called the hospital,

“Salvador’s mansion, get an ambulance ASAP.” He kept his phone back in his pocket,

“Pearl honey,I’m sorry for what happened, sorry I left and couldn’t keep my eyes on you,daddy’s so sorry.” His eyes was moist with tears as he looked at his daughter who was still unconscious,

“Don’t worry sir,she’s gonna be okay when she gets proper treatment.” The doctor assured.

Awhile later,the ambulance came,they took Pearl with them and Cheryl and Marisa went with them,while Mrs Phina stayed behind to see Deville off,

“Are you sure you want to do this?” She asked for the umpteenth time,Deville looked at from from his closet and nodded slowly,

“Gat no choice,have to look for Anne and make sure Pearl is alright.” He packed his clothes into a mini luggage,

“Sir,there’s a parcel for you.” Deville stood up and saw his driver Alex by the door,he walked to him and took the parcel,

“Get the car ready,we’ll be leaving soon.” Alex left immediately.

“Who’s that from?” Mrs Phina asked,

“I don’t know,got no inscription or note.” Deville was about keeping it on the table when something fell from the parcel,he kept it and picked up the paper that fell from it,

“BAM.” He read it loud for his mom to hear,

“What does that mean?” She asked,

“Dunno,” He tossed it aside and continued parking his stuffs.Then his phone rang,

“Jakes calling.” He took the call,

????”Everything’s set man.” Jakes voice boomed,


“But man,Archie suggested we all come to Mexico,”

“Why?” Deville asked,

“Dunno man,so I’ve called Will and Tim,they will be here soon and our flight leaves by nineteen okay.” Jake informed him,

“Okay, be there soon.”???? He hung up,

” Mom,I and the other boys are going to Mexico together, Archie insisted.”Mrs Phina smiled,

“Archie might be a bad bloke but he sure knows how to bring you guys together.” Deville wanted to smile but managed a grimace,

“Dev,don’t worry take it a little at a time,everything’s gonna be normal soon.” She patted his shoulder and helped him pack.

“Ma,keep me updated especially on Pearl,I need every updates on how her treatment would go.” She hugged him and he left,Alex driving him to Jake’s office where the others were waiting for him.

When he got there,the other guys were already there,

“When does the plane leave?” William asked,Jake stood up and came in their middle,

“The plane leaves by twenty but we aren’t going to the airport,” He broke the new,they all looked at him giving him the weird whys and hows look.

“And the ticket is to Cuba not Mexico actually.” Deville and the rest were confused,

“Why?”Jake brought his laptop,

” After concluding our trip with Archie, I got a voice message from a private number,”he brought his phone and replayed the voice message,

“Stop wasting your time with this case,you’re fighting a loss cause,you can never find Anne or even have a clue where she is.” They were surprised at the message,

“For someone to send such message,that person must have known how desperate we want to find Anne,” they nodded,

“When I called Archie,he asked me to change our destination to Cuba,then hell send his men to bring us to Mexico while my men would go in guise of us to the airport.”

“Brilliant idea.” Deville remembered something,

“Guys I received this parcel today,” he went through his luggage and got the parcel still wrapped,

“Yeah,I got something like that too.” Tim said,everyone looked at the both of them,

“Mine has this inscription, BAM.” He made more emphasis on this last word,

“Mine too.” Deville said,they were surprised,

“Let’s have a look at the content.” Tim opened his first,

“There nothing inside except this,” he brought out a ball pen,disappointed at what he saw,he kept back the pen in the parcel and threw it by the side.

“Dev open……..” Jake’s phone rang interrupting them,he checked the caller,

“Guys,they’re here.” He motioned his friends to follow him and they did,four other FBI officers came toward them,

“These are the the guys that will go to the airport in guise of us.” They switched clothes with the other guys and wore FBI uniforms,

“You can keep those clothes,won’t be needing it any further.” William said and they all laughed.They went through the back route and got into the plane while the FBI officers waited till nineteen before going to the airport to catch their flight to Cuba.


True to his words, Archie did track God’s Eye,he had one of his underground men do it for him,it was secured in Bancó de Mexico (Bank of Mexico). Since God’s Eye was a special device,the government found it safer in the bank that anywhere else,

“How do we get to it?” Deville asked,

“Leave that to me.” He stood up from his seat,

“Gat a young lad in the bank and he owes me a favor,”

“Boss,Marcelo’s calling.” One of Archie’s thug came forward and handed him the phone,

“Marcelo.” A shrill voice was heard from the receiver,

“Get me to that young lad at the bank, tell him The Man’s coming to use a favor,” he said,Deville and the rest watched as he answered his call,

“Tell him The Man’s coming for whatyacallit.” Archie eyed Deville,

“God’s Eye.” Deville reminded him,

“Yes Gods Eye,hears his bank held it.” Deville founded Archie’s way of talking amusing,he talks like an Asian bloke,too much business with the Asians had done that,Devices thought to himself as he grimaced.Finally Archie was done with the phone,

“Got him to talk to the lad from the bank,we’ll go there tomorrow at sunrise.” He said,

“Renato!” A huge man came inside,

“Guys this Renato,my right hand bloke,” The Renato guy turned to the others and grimaced,

“He’ll show you to your chambers since its sunset already and your head need a bleeding rest for tomorrow work.”Archie hasn’t never changed a bit,he’s still a funny guy but in a roughy way.They stayed up till midnight even after Archie left,

“Dev,you never got to open your parcel earlier, mind if you do it now.” William asked,Deville went inside and brought the parcel,

“Open it,bet its gonna be a ball pen like Tim’s.” He said,Deville opened the parcel and there was a pen just like Tim’s in it,he took up the pen and peered at it,William snickered,

“Guys there’s something more to this,” Jake said,everyone turned to him,

“Dev,what was that word again you got on the paper you found?” He turned to Deville,


“Same thing for you Tim uh?” Tim nodded,and you were the first person who got the case of Anne’s disappearance,

“Yeah,guess so.” Tim said,

“Deville, is there anything else on the pen?” Deville twisted the cap of the pen,it made a flicker sound and opened,

“There!” William pointed to something that has fallen down from the pen without their knowledge,Deville picked it up,

“What is this?” The object was scroll like,with thick top and under,

“Try open it.” Deville tried but it wasn’t possible since his hands were big,

“Tim,you’re the youngest and your hands are smaller,try open it.” He handed the scroll like stuff to Tim,

“Help..Anne..BAM” Tim forced it open and read the tiny word written on it.The mention of Anne sent Deville alert,

“What was that?” He asked Tim,

“Help..Anne..BAM” he repeated,

“Someone’s trying to give us clue.” Jake said and the lights went out

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