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After staying at Archie’s place for three days,Anne fully recuperated and Deville decided they go home to Pearl and the rest,

“Man, um gonna miss you all.” Archie said emotionally,Anne who was sitting on the wheelchair rode to him,

“Don’t worry Arch,I promise I and Deville would come visit again and you’re invited to our wedding.” He nodded,

“Anne,can you find someone as nice as you for me to get married to?” Tim said,

“Yeah it’s true,find someone as beautiful and nice as you then just place me a call,Dev gat my contact.” Jake added,they all laughed over it.

“But guys,I’m really gonna miss you all.” Archie walked to them,tears quickly escaped his moist eyes,

“Cut it bro,don’t make us cry,” William said,they were all getting emotional now including Deville and Archie,toughest of them all,Anne waited back,she really wanted to see Deville cry,

“Archie,stop it,not like we’re leaving forever and they are some people here that can’t wait to see me cry.” Deville said winking at Anne,she blushed,

“You’re promising to come again?” Archie asked,Deville chuckled,

“I’m planning on making Anne deliver our baby here in Mexico,that’s when she’s due.” Anne made and O sound,they all hugged themselves,

“Boss,the jet is ready.” Renato came inside,the other took their luggage to the Jet,

“Okay,Archie see you soon and take care.” William said,Tim and Jake came beside him,

“And you got a really goof empire here,though illegal but perfect.” That chuckled,

“Hey you blokes,get your ass here now.” Deville said to the two brothers, Anne turned to him in bewilderment,

“Where did you learn that rash language from?” The guys laughed and pointed to Archie and Renato,

“They did.” They said together,Anne shook her head,

“Can’t believe I gat to handle this now.” She wheeled herself to the door and Deville ran after her.They all got to the jet and turned to Archie who was standing with his right hand man,Renato.

“Make sure to come for my wedding bro.” They waved at him for the last time,then got inside and settled down and the jet took off.

It was quite a long journey back home,Anne slept most of it while Deville stayed awake to watch her or go meet the other guys while she’s fast asleep.When they got to Las Vegas, it was late but Anne insisted on going home instead of spending the night at a hotel as Deville proposed,

“Deville, I’ve been away from Pearl and Ace and mom,Cheryl gosh,can’t wait to go back to them.” She said when Deville brought up the idea of the hotel,

“What about me?” He came from behind and wrapped her small body with his big body,

“You’ve been away from me too,aren’t you excited to see me?” He whispered in her ear,Anne turned to him,

“I’m and that’s why I wanna go home with you,to spend the rest of this night and every other nights with you.” She kissed him slowly on his lips,

“Is that an invitation? Cause I’m so not gonna refuse.” She tickled him with her left hand,

“Call it whatever you want but be sure to wait till we get home.” Anne pushed him away from her.When they got home,everyone was asleep,so they sneaked up to their room,freshened up and went to bed, actually went to their own world, know what I mean?

Deville made sure to inform the police about Millie and early the next morning the cops showed up at their house,since no one knew they were back except the security man who Deville ordered not to tell anyone about their arrival,

“Cops? What are they doing here?” Mrs Phina asked Cheryl when they saw the cops walk right in to the living room,Cheryl as frightened as she was walked up to them,

“Officer, what do you want?” She asked the man cause she and no one had called them,

“We came to see Mr Salvador,Is he in?” The man said,Cheryl shook her head,everyone including Millie rushed to the living room,

“Granny what are the cops doing here?” Pearl asked as she came downstairs, she went to her grandmother,

“Pearl go upstairs, let the adults handle this.” Mrs Phina said,Pearl frowned,

“Honey you don’t have to go anywhere.” Everyone turned to the voice that just spoke and surprisingly saw Deville coming down and Anne beside him,

“Mommy ! Daddy !” Pearled cried and ran to them with full speed,Chery and Mrs Phina were surprised and happy but Millie’s expression was something else,she moved backwards

Those fools have failed,how come she survived? Millie asked herself as she walked backward,

“Millie.” Deville’s call halted her,

“Millie prepare tea for the visitor.” Deville said while Anne and the women were still sharing tears and pleasantries, Millie went back to the kitchen.

“Mommy,I thought you’d gone away and wouldn’t come back.” Pearl cried,Anne kissed her daughter,

“Your daddy saved me,he brought me back.” Anne said looking at Deville, he walked to them,

“Officer,come on in.” He offered them seat,

“Where’s Ace?” Anne finally noticed the absence of the young boy,Cheryl sighed,

“He’s with his daddy.” Pearl blurted, Anne was surprised,

“Daddy?” She looked at Cheryl,who turned away,

“Cheryl what happened?” Anne asked her,

“Anne we’ll talk about this later but tell me what happened to you?” Cheryl asked her and Mrs Phina nodded too,

“Yell us child what happened to you and who did it?” Anne smiled but deep down was surprised how Jacob found about Ace and why Cheryl allowed him take the son he hadn’t cared for over three years now.

“Mom,I’ll answer that question.” Deville said as Millie walked in with a tray of tea for the guest,

“Mill,why don’t you seat with us and enjoy what I’m about to say.” Deville said casting a deadly glance at her as she dropped the tray on the table and poured our the tea for them,

“No thanks Sir, I’ve got to prepare breakfast.” She objected,

“Don’t worry about that,join us for tea.” Deville said,she hook her head,everyone was surprised on why Deville would ask Millie to have tea with them,its was so confusing but only Anne and the police men understood what was going on.

“Okay sir,if you insist.” She said and sat down but didn’t touch the tea,

“Don’t worry,take tea.” Deville poured some tea for her a d hand it to her,

“Have some,you really deserve it.” She took the cup trembling,

“As you all know,Anne was kidnapped and Pearl got sick of some excess Thorazine right?” They all nodded,

“I got my friend and they help me rescue Anne but would you like to guess who was holding Anne captive?” He asked,

“Uncle Charles.” Pearl said,everyone turned to her including Deville and Anne,Anne held Pearl tighter,

“Baby,how do you know?” Deville asked her,

“Because mommy refused to marry him.” She answered, this surprised them a lot,

“Mommy,daddy,six years old hears and understands everything.” She said to them to ease their curiosity,

“I guess then,but do you know who else was with him?” They shook their head,

“Frank.” Deville announced,

“I don’t know how to got wind that I and Anne were about to get married, so they decided to kidnap her blackmailing our wedding planner,they took his family too though,” they all listened with rapt attention as he told them of what he and his friends did just to save Anne,Millie was getting uncomfortable at their discussion,

“Sir,I need to prepare breakfast now.” Millie said,Deville smiled at her,

“Wait Millie,I’m getting to the most interesting part.” He turned to the rest and continued his story,

“And so,coming to the most interesting part of everything was when I found out who the mastermind of all this,” Everyone was keened to know who the devil behind everything that happened was,

“The awesome planner of Anne’s kidnap and Pearl’s illness was non other than Millie here.” Deville announced,everyone was shocked but Deville and Anne didn’t seemed shocked,

“Yes,Millie,our own Millie,” Deville said pointing at Millie who was shedding tears now,

“Deville take it easy,control yourself.” Anne pulled him cause Deville was actually going to strangle her to death,

“Officer you can take her now.” He ordered the cops,they went to Millie,

“Miss,you’re under arrest for the kidnap of Anne and attempted murder of her daughter.” The policeman said to her,the two other went and handcuffed her,

“Sir,I’m sorry,um so sorry please forgive me.” She cried as they pulled her away while she continued yelling and struggling to be free,

“Sir wait!” Anne said to them,Deville was surprised,

Is Anne going to stop them?Deville asked himself unsure of what Anne was planning to do.The policemen stopped and Millie continue crying and pleading, she walked toward Millie and stopped right in front of her.

“I knew you never liked me for once since I came into Deville’s life but never expected you to be this heartless and cruel to the extent of trying to hurt my daughter,” she said,

“I did all this because I love Deville, I’m in love with him!” She yelled,Anne slapped her hard across the face,

“This is for my daughter,” everyone was shocked as her action even Millie.She gave her another slap,

“This is for loving my fiance,” Then she gave her the last one,

“And this is for me,for hurting me.”she turned to the cops,

” Take her away and make sure she rots in jail,herself and her accomplices.”They nodded and dragged her while Anne turned back and walked to Deville,

“I love you.” She nodded at his word and kissed him,

“Let’s go inside, you guys have a lot to tell me.” She was referring to Cheryl and the new development with Jacob.

“Cheryl, what really happened?” Anne asked Cheryl as they both prepared breakfast since Millie wasn’t here again,

“Its a long story Anne,” Anne nodded for get to continue,

“I and Ace were going to the hospital to see Pearl and to relieve Aunt (Deville’s mom) of her watch when we bumped into Jacob at the hospital. I was so shocked when I saw him,he tried to start up a conversation with me but I dragged Ace and left immediately. I didn’t know that Jacob was the doctor’s son,so when met him again,I was so angry and started yelling at him to stop following me,then a nurse came and told me that he’s the doctors son and she explained to me that Jacob has come to see his father after returning from India where his mom had undergo an heart surgery,I was surprised at the shocking revelation.” Anne was stunned,just a few days she was away and all this,

“How did he find out Ace?” Anne asked,Cheryl sighed,

“Ace introduced me as his mom and Pearl his sister too,” Anne started laughing at Ace childishness,

“You don’t mean it,what did Jacob say? How did he react?” Anne asked still laughing,

“Well he was thinking at first that Pearl and Ace were twin when Ace told him about his sick sister until Ace dragged him to Pearl’s ward to see her,I can still recall his shocked face when he went in and saw that Pearl was way older than Ace,” Anne went and got some eggs from the refrigerator,

“So ?” She said to Cheryl when she came back,

“He started asking me questions about Pearl and Ace,so I explained to him that Pearl wasn’t really Ace’s sister, she’s your daughter not mine.So he asked about Ace,I couldn’t hide it anymore,I told him Ace is his son.You should have seen his reaction, he was so happy and couldn’t stop playing with Ace that day.So,he came to the other day and asked if I could allow Ace spend the weekend with him cause he’s going back to India soon,”

“And you said yes?” Anne asked peering into Cheryl’s now sad face,she nodded slowly,

“Anne,I had to,Jacob didn’t know I got pregnant after that night,just wanted to give him a chance with Ace….”

“What about you,are you giving him a chance with you?” Cheryl smiled wryly then came and hugged Anne,

“Cheryl,I’m not forcing you to get back with Jacob but check it from the better side,you are still legally married to him and deep down in your heart, I know you still love him.” Cheryl looked at her,

“How do you know?” She asked,

“Cause I’ve seen it in your eyes Cheryl,for the last four years you have remained loyal to him even though you felt that you hate him and for making Ave stay with with over the weekend, that’s a high level of trust.” Cheryl hugged her tighter,

“Don’t squish me please.” Anne said jokingly, Cheryl freed her and they laughed over it,

“So when is he bringing Ace back?” Anne asked,

“They should be here later today I guess.” Cheryl replied,

“Okay,that great cause I don’t think I can’t wait to see my Ace,I miss him a lot.” Anne said as they finish breakfast and started taking it to the dining table.

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